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HBA1c ch-ch-changes

By marke on June 28, 2009 21:09

I'm sure as DAFNE devotees and Diabetes experts you are all already aware of the changes being made to the way HBA1c results are being reported. However if you are not then you should read this forum post .
The changes have already happened, however the complete changeover doesn't finish until June 2011. The next time you have your HBA1c measured you will get the results in two formats so now is a good time to get familiar with the new figures and what they mean.

Any questions just post in the forum.

BG Diary Sharing now available

By Simon on June 16, 2009 11:04

You are now able to share your DAFNE Online BG Diary with other site users in two different ways. These will allow you to share your entire diary with a nominated user (for example your DAFNE Educator, or maybe family members), or share a specified range of days from your diary on the forums to invite discussion and help from other site users. For more information see this forum post.

If you have any feedback, comments or new feature requests then please let us know.


Mobile version expanded

By marke on May 22, 2009 21:50

In case you have not noticed, the mobile version of the site has now been 'upgraded'. It now includes the DAFNE handbook and the forums. Can anyone with a mobile that has internet access try accessing it and let us know about any problems. We can then work on fixing them to provide the best service possible via mobile as well as normal PC.

DAFNE Online now mobile

By Simon on April 20, 2009 18:48

You can now access DAFNE Online via your mobile device! Currently this is a cut-down version of the site, with access only to the Carbohydrate Counting and BG Diary parts of the normal site, but formatted nicely for the small screen. Point your mobile browser at to see the mobile login screen.

Please use the mobile forum to provide feedback on the mobile site, and request new features.

DAFNE in Peril

By marke on April 02, 2009 13:21

We have heard today that the Wirral PCT are intending to withdraw funding for DAFNE at Arrowe Park and are forcing the DAFNE educators there to cancel all planned courses.

This is totally unacceptable and if you can put us in touch with any people in this PCT's area who can help by complaining to the PCT, please post in the General Discussion forum under the DAFNE in Peril topic.

Its important that we try to stop PCT's from following this kind of short term policy that will stop people from benefitting from

DAFNEonline Mobile

By marke on March 23, 2009 19:44

A new forum has just been added to allow the discussion of a mobile version of this website. If the idea of a version accessible on your mobile phone is of interest then head over to the forum and give us your views.

Any progress on building a mobile version of the site will depend on the level of interest shown in this forum.

Mobile Forum

DAFNE - The REAL message

By marke on March 03, 2009 08:58

There is a topic in the forums under 'General Discussions' titled "Diabetes set off course, Balance letter". Please go read it and send a email to Diabetes UK via the address given. The letter as you will see paints DAFNE in a very bad light and gives totally the wrong impression. We think its important that readers of Balance and Diabetics in general see the positive side of DAFNE.

Their magazine is called balance so lets give them the other side of the DAFNE message. The positive, life changing one, NOT the negative its difficult and dangerous and not worth it one !

DAFNE Online: Live!

By Simon on February 05, 2009 21:47

First of all, I'd like to thank each and every one of the volunteers who tested the pre-release site during January of this year. We had some great feedback that was extremely useful, and we hope you agree that we have incorporated into the newer, better DAFNE Online.

Secondly - we are now live! Anybody can register on the site (Graduates still need to authenticate with a course code) and get involved with the DAFNE Online community. Feel free to tell your friends and family about it. The site admins are working closely with DAFNE Central to get the message out to all DAFNE Centres across the UK and Ireland.

Finally - we have new features such as the entire DAFNE Handbook online (for graduates), and a new 'Ask an HCP' forum, which will be closely monitored by DAFNE HCPs, so you can ask them any questons there. Also note that there is a link to the help section for the site at the bottom of every page.

Thanks to you all for your continued support, and happy surfing!

DAFNE Online Opened to Testers

By Simon on January 01, 2009 14:47

The site has now entered a new phase in the development process, with the opening up to a group of testers, to gain feedback on the site before release to the rest of the DAFNE Community. I would like to thank all of these willing volunteers - their help in invaluable in ensuring the site is as successful as possible.

The site will be open to the testing group until Monday 19th January - giving the development team 2 weeks to implement improvements to the site, before a full release in February.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year, and best wishes for 2009.