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Join the User Group Appeal

By marke on November 23, 2009 14:27

We have just added a new post to the User Group forum that we wanted to draw attention to. It contains the sign-up document for the DAFNE User Group. The User Group is how YOU as a DAFNE Graduate have the opportunity to influence the DAFNE programme, to get changes made to the course, how the course is run etc. Please take a moment to read the post and hopefully sign-up if you are not already signed up. There are over 12,000 DAFNE graduates and less than 600 User Group members. This is one small step on the road to changing these statistics.

Send a private message and see Australian Carbs with our latest release

By Simon on October 04, 2009 10:09

We've just released two significant updates to the site - firstly you can now send a private message to another site user. This is a fantastic facility if you want to keep a private discussion with a single user, and not use the forums. To read how to to do this, see this forum post.

Also, for our users 'Down under' you can now access your country's Carbohydrate Counting list. To see this you must be verified as a DAFNE Graduate from Australia - contact your DAFNE Educator for more information on how to do this.

We hope you enjoy this new release - as always let us know if you have any suggestions for improvement.


BG Diaries

By marke on September 23, 2009 12:01

If you have run out of BG Diaries and need some more, please read this forum post for details of how to get them.

DAFNE Centre Forums Released

By Simon on September 14, 2009 22:34

In the latest site update, we have created a forum for each DAFNE Centre. This is so our users can get in touch with DAFNE Graduates, Educators and others from their Centre. For more information see this forum post

Over 1000 users online!

By Simon on August 25, 2009 09:26

Well it's roughly 7 months since the site was launched fully, and I'm pleased to announce we now have over one thousand users registered on the site (1151 to be precise!). This is due in no small part to the efforts of DAFNE Central to spread the word to the DAFNE Educators at each centre and then the DAFNE Educators to spread the word to their Graduates. So I'd first like to say thank you first to Gill, Sharon and Clare at DAFNE Central for all of their hard work in supporting the site, we couldn't have done it without you! And secondly, thanks to the DAFNE Eductaors at each centre for publicizing the site to their Graduates - great job!

On the topic of milestones, our users have saved over 14,000 diary entries to their online diaries, showing how much it is being used - fantastic!

Thanks to everyone for contributing to this growing online community.


More information on HbA1c changes from DAFNE Central

By Simon on July 27, 2009 18:09

As mentioned in another news item, there will be changes in the way HbA1c results are reported in the UK. HbA1c results will be reported in both mmol/mol (new) and percentage (old) until May 2011, when the only measure will be in mmol/mol. For more information on why and how this is happening download this document (in PDF format).

As always, feel free to discuss this on the forums!

DAFNE International

By marke on July 16, 2009 18:56

DAFNE online now 'reaches' further than ever before with a DAFNE Centre from New Zealand now live on this site ! We would like to
extend a warm welcome to Waitemata DHB centre in Auckland and
its DAFNE graduates. Hopefully we will now be able to exchange experiences with Graduates on the other side of the world...

Also coming soon (hopefully) will be DAFNE Centres in Australia as well !

DAFNE Collaborative Report

By marke on July 03, 2009 19:23

Last Friday, DAFNE Online attended the annual DAFNE Collaborative in Manchester. It is a conference day where everyone involved with DAFNE in the UK gets together for presentations and updates regarding the DAFNE program. There were 152 delegates in total at the meeting, representing 63 of the 72 DAFNE centres in the UK and Southern Ireland (only 9 centres were not represented) along with reps from Australia DAFNE and New Zealand DAFNE and representatives from Diabetes UK.

You can read all about it here

HBA1c ch-ch-changes

By marke on June 28, 2009 21:09

I'm sure as DAFNE devotees and Diabetes experts you are all already aware of the changes being made to the way HBA1c results are being reported. However if you are not then you should read this forum post .
The changes have already happened, however the complete changeover doesn't finish until June 2011. The next time you have your HBA1c measured you will get the results in two formats so now is a good time to get familiar with the new figures and what they mean.

Any questions just post in the forum.

BG Diary Sharing now available

By Simon on June 16, 2009 11:04

You are now able to share your DAFNE Online BG Diary with other site users in two different ways. These will allow you to share your entire diary with a nominated user (for example your DAFNE Educator, or maybe family members), or share a specified range of days from your diary on the forums to invite discussion and help from other site users. For more information see this forum post.

If you have any feedback, comments or new feature requests then please let us know.