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Get DAFNE Online on your iPhone

By Simon on August 30, 2010 10:48

We've just released the long-awaited DAFNE Online iPhone app... In this first version you can store your diary entries (BG, CP, Insulin, Comments etc) natively on your iPhone and the app will automatically upload your results to the diary on the site, so that you can use the normal diary functions on the site such as viewing graphs and sharing your results.

As discussed on the forums there is no Carbohydrate List, due to an issue with DAFNE Central allowing us to use the list in a free app.

You can find the app on the store by searching for 'DAFNE' or by clicking this link

As always, to request new features or report a bug, then either send us a message via the 'Contact' link at the bottom of every page, or start a topic on the Site Development forum.

Want to shape the future of DAFNE? Read on...

By Simon on June 27, 2010 21:50

The DAFNE User Group (DUG) and DAFNE User Action Groups are open to all DAFNE Graduates and their aim is to allow all members to shape and influence decision making throughout DAFNE, as well as publicise the course to the wider Healthcare community.

After the DAFNE Course, all Graduates are invited to sign up to become members of the DAFNE User Group and after joining are consulted on various aspects of the course, including suggestions for improvement, so that the future of the course is more directly influenced by the users.

Members of the DUG may volunteer for the DAFNE User Action Group whose aim is to act as a channel of communication between the DUG, DAFNE Educators, the DAFNE Executive and the wider Healthcare community, lobbying for improvements to the course, better consistency of care throughout the UK, and access to DAFNE for everybody with Type 1 Diabetes.

If you would like to learn more, download the DUAG and DUG flyer

To join the DUG, download and fill in the application form

Finally, to further discuss the DUG, this can be done on the DUG Forum

DAFNE Collaborative 2010

By Simon on June 15, 2010 18:24

The DAFNE Collaborative for 2010 took place in Manchester on Friday 11th June. DAFNE Online were invited to attend alongside other stakeholders from the DAFNE Community. The full report from the collaborative can be found on the forums.


By Simon on June 01, 2010 21:46

Sue J, one of our DAFNE Graduates from South Australia has posted on the forums publicizing her Prayer4aCure initiave - please see this forum post for more info, and contact Sue directly if you are interested in learning more.

Diabetes Appeal

By marke on May 18, 2010 08:27

Not strictly DAFNE but an issue probably relevant to us all. A video featuring Claudia aged 9 about her attempts to get a constant monitoring pump. The short term cost savings of not providing equipment are far, far out-weighed by the potential long term costs in complications of NOT providing equipment.

see the video here and help if you can !

DAFNE Online Logo

By marke on May 12, 2010 18:48

Can you help us ? Due to the constant confusion between us and the 'official' DAFNE website we are keen to come up with our own branding. We were using the new DAFNE logo and strapline, however that seemed to add to the confusion between us and the official DAFNE website. We have therefore done our own logo for the address bar of your web browser ( to the left of the website name). We have to admit however this is not the best logo in the world ! For we are but poor programmers not graphic artists.
Can anyone else come up with a logo for DAFNE Online ? If you email us your efforts we will create a page with them all and have a vote for the best one. The winner will be used on the site with an acknowledgement to however comes up with the winning design. Sadly we cannot offer a prize just the knowledge you have helped us.
So please send us your suggestions, all gratefully received.
oh by the way our email address is

Ode to DAFNE

By marke on March 31, 2010 19:06

It seems some of our members are poets and want to share their creativity with us. Since its the first poem we have had submitted we have made it a news item. Perhaps we should have a poetry forum...

"In praise of DAFNE"

Mum has diabetes. Has had it for 30 years.
I've never heard her moan or groan,
Although she's shed some tears.

Dad bought her disposable syringes,
The old glass ones she couldn't bear.
Then the NHS stepped in
To provide these - how they care!

Next to come was Novopen,
No more draw and flick.
Still ruled by time and strict menus,
It made her very sick.

Then DAFNE appeared - what joy!
Mum says it changed her life.
Since graduating she's now in charge
With far less trouble and strife.

Now she eats whatever she likes
There nothing that's taboo.
She has a penchant for Bailey's liqueur
And a vanilla slice or two!

So to DAFNE we give thanks
For letting Mum feel normal.
She's never far from the CP list
Her carbohydrate bible!

by Rachel Beacham and Sheila Haynes, Daventry

New DAFNE site and branding launched

By marke on March 15, 2010 12:15

As you may notice DAFNE has now re-branded with a new logo and strap line (Type 1 Diabetes: Less guesswork, More freedom. Better health). DAFNE Central are also currently updating their website - take a look at

POLL: Another update

By Simon on February 06, 2010 12:18

We've just modified to polling system again so that you can vote to keep the current DAFNE Strap Line (which seems to be quite popular). If you had previously avoided voting because of this then make sure to register your vote now. A reminder too - the voting closes at Midnight on Wednesday 10th Feb. Get voting guys!

POLL: where are you all ????

By marke on February 03, 2010 13:01

Well our Poll to help choose a new DAFNE phrase or 'strap line' to go if a new logo is a bit of a non-event. Only 53 people have voted
so far out of a membership of 2000+. Not a very good turn out I'm sure you will agree.
Part of the reason for DAFNE Online is to put you in touch with the people who control 'DAFNE', to give you a say in its future. This is one such opportuntity, admittedly not a major one however if people don't contribute then we may not get as many opportunities in future.
So come on people get to that voting page and vote, you know it makes sense !!