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Children are the future

By marke on April 05, 2011 08:12

as I believe our whitney once said ! Anyway that’s what this news item is about sort of.
I recently had the pleasure of listening to a presentation by a chap called Nigel Jenner who is involved with Diabetes UK Children’s Holidays. This is where a group of (20-30) children with Diabetes are taken on an activity holiday in the UK. The purpose of these holidays is many fold. Firstly they allow Diabetic kids to realise they are not alone with the problems and issues they are gong through (just like a DAFNE Course). Secondly they teach Diabetic kids that Diabetes is NOT a barrier to doing anything, they CAN do the same things other kids do i.e rock climbing, canoeing etc. It also teaches them how to manage their insulin with strenuous exercise in the presence of experts (another DAFNE parallel).
So why am I telling you about this? Well times are hard and Diabetes UK have had to cut back on the number of holidays they are running this year. Well Nigel could have just sat back and accepted this, could have, but he hasn't. He is determined to raise the money to allow those that could miss out to have the benefit of this life changing experience. To that end he is taking part in the London Marathon and looking for sponsors. ALL money he raises from the marathon will go to ensuring that kids don't miss out.
If you can help by giving just a little, please go to Nigel Jenner Sponsor Page .
I know times are hard and there are lots of charities in need but this directly affects Diabetics like you and I. It can really be a life changing experience for these kids just like DAFNE was for may of us.....

Diabetes UK Annual Professional Conference

By marke on March 11, 2011 22:06

Attention: Health Care Professionals
We have been asked to advertise this on DAFNEOnline by the DAFNE
Programme Team. The message is as follows:

DAFNE are exhibiting at DUK APC 2011 from 30 March to 1 April 2011 - stand D2. We are also hosting a breakfast symposium on Thursday 31 March 08:00 to 09:30 entitled "Future challenges in Type 1 diabetes: can structured diabetes education evolve to meet them?"
Come along, have breakfast and share your views during the Q&A sessions. Symposium brief and flyer are available at

DAFNE Research Update

By marke on February 18, 2011 20:47

We have just posted an article sent to us by the DAFNE Research Team that contains lots of interesting information about what is going on in DAFNE. You can read it here . It reveals that the programme IS listening to requests from graduates and diabetics and trying to incorporate them into the DAFNE Programme. It hopefully acts as a reminder that DAFNE is NOT a static thing but constantly evolving.

DAFNEOnline around the world!!

By marke on January 07, 2011 20:10

A big welcome to graduates from Kuwait. It seems their centre has now gone live and we have 4 graduates signed up from there. This expands our community to the UK, New Zealand, Australia and Kuwait. Hopefully Singapore will also be 'live' soon as well making us a global community.
Its good to see quality Diabetes training spreading around the world, helping to change the lives of more and more Diabetics.

Migration Complete!

By Simon on January 03, 2011 23:47

Welcome to the new, more powerful DAFNE Online servers.

Xmas Greetings

By marke on December 22, 2010 20:12

A happy Xmas to you all ! ( 3011 grads, 266 HCP's , 1439 non-grads). It really is great to have you all on board. Next year we hope to continue to get bigger and better. There is a site facelift in the pipeline and a possible move to a bigger better server so the site responds quicker. Who knows I might even make progress with the android version of Simon's superb iPhone app.

oh, and a happy New Year !!

food for thought

By marke on November 13, 2010 17:23

Its all about carbs at the moment. Having received the new DAFNE Carb Counting book from DAFNE Central, we have updated the lists on the site and finally got permission to add the carb information to the iPhone app which is available in the App Store now.

New! Subscriptions for forum topics

By Simon on October 25, 2010 08:38

You can now subscribe to forum topics - which means you'll get an email when a reply to that topic is posted. This adds flexibility, allowing you to pick when you receive email notifications. For more info see this topic on the forums.

Get DAFNE Online on your iPhone

By Simon on August 30, 2010 10:48

We've just released the long-awaited DAFNE Online iPhone app... In this first version you can store your diary entries (BG, CP, Insulin, Comments etc) natively on your iPhone and the app will automatically upload your results to the diary on the site, so that you can use the normal diary functions on the site such as viewing graphs and sharing your results.

As discussed on the forums there is no Carbohydrate List, due to an issue with DAFNE Central allowing us to use the list in a free app.

You can find the app on the store by searching for 'DAFNE' or by clicking this link

As always, to request new features or report a bug, then either send us a message via the 'Contact' link at the bottom of every page, or start a topic on the Site Development forum.

Want to shape the future of DAFNE? Read on...

By Simon on June 27, 2010 21:50

The DAFNE User Group (DUG) and DAFNE User Action Groups are open to all DAFNE Graduates and their aim is to allow all members to shape and influence decision making throughout DAFNE, as well as publicise the course to the wider Healthcare community.

After the DAFNE Course, all Graduates are invited to sign up to become members of the DAFNE User Group and after joining are consulted on various aspects of the course, including suggestions for improvement, so that the future of the course is more directly influenced by the users.

Members of the DUG may volunteer for the DAFNE User Action Group whose aim is to act as a channel of communication between the DUG, DAFNE Educators, the DAFNE Executive and the wider Healthcare community, lobbying for improvements to the course, better consistency of care throughout the UK, and access to DAFNE for everybody with Type 1 Diabetes.

If you would like to learn more, download the DUAG and DUG flyer

To join the DUG, download and fill in the application form

Finally, to further discuss the DUG, this can be done on the DUG Forum