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Carb counting response

By Simon on February 01, 2016 09:47

In December the DAFNE Educator network asked for feedback on the following question: "Can DAFNE consider changing from the use of CP’s to g of carbohydrate?" Input was collected on dafneonline during December and January and the feedback was taken to the DAFNE Executive board meeting on 25th January. As a result of the graduate feedback it has been decided that no change should be made to the use of CPs. Many thanks to everyone who contributed.

JDRF Fund Raisers

By marke on July 27, 2015 18:44

All we have been requested to promote a couple of upcoming Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) events on the site, so here they are. Please click on the links for more information

Ain't No Mountain High Enough Challenge - The link for the event is here - and the deadline for people to sign up is the end of this week.

One Walk - The link for the event is here - and the deadline for people to sign up is the end of September.

DAFNE Online Roadshow

By marke on April 27, 2015 18:12

On Saturday we took our fantastic DAFNE Online presentation to Addenbrooke's Hospital Cambridge for their patient day. It was a very well run day and a good example to other centres. We presented our usual highly polished, professional presentation :-) that explains how to use the app and site. We also added a few members by signing up people on the day. In reality, good though we were, we were just the warm up act for the next speaker who was billed as the 'inspirational speaker'. I must admit to being a bit dubious when I saw this on the agenda, but no they were right. The speaker was Gavin Griffiths who is also known as diAthlete and his story should be an inspiration to us all. He was diagnosed as Type 1 at 8 years old and like most of us spent the next 8-9 years being told what he could not do and got increasingly frustrated by this. Unlike most of us, he decided he was going to prove all these people wrong. His first way of doing this was to run 29 miles in 3 hours for charity. He then just took on more and more challenging tasks. Probably the biggest of which was to run from John O'Groats to Lands End, 30 miles for 30 days. As he said to us, Eddie Izzard does it and the whole of the UK media are there, a Type 1 diabetic does it and hardly anyone cares ( not even the national Diabetes Charity, but lest not go there). He has plans for bigger challenges yet and listening and chatting to him just shows you what you can achieve if you DON'T let all those people who tell you Type 1 limits you !! Respect !

Tell them about DAFNE !!

By marke on November 06, 2014 18:54

All, we have been ask to put this as a news item, we would like people to tell them how good DAFNE is and why it IS important that structured education is provided to ALL Diabetics. The following is taken from the message we were asked to publicise:

The All Party Parliamentary Group is calling for case studies from people living with diabetes and for written evidence from healthcare professionals, academics, commissioners and providers of education courses to better understand different types of learning and support available, existing gaps in service and to identify reasons for low uptake when structured education is offered.

The deadline for submitting case studies and written evidence is 30th November 2014.

The form for submitting your views about structured education and why DAFNE is important can be downloaded here

You then need to email your thoughts to , if you do send something can you please cc it to so they know what is being submitted about DAFNE and can re-enforce it and follow it up.

New Blood Glucose Meter on Trial

By marke on October 10, 2014 18:47

One of us (marke) has been lucky enough to be given one of the new Abbott FreeStyle Libre Meters to trail. They call it a 'flash' meter and its effectively a Continuous Blood Glucose Montoring system and is the first of its type to be available. You can read my reports about it in forum posts here . If you are interested in a meter like this have a read of my reports.
I should point out that getting the meter is not connected to the site, its because I have a good consultant :-)

Background Insulin Announcement

By marke on June 18, 2014 19:48

The following link contains an update from the DAFNE Executive Team on Background Insulin's and DAFNE. You can find it here : BackgroundInsulininDAFNE.pdf
Apologies if it is too technical I did try to get the to get them to put it in 'user' terms and it is more straight forward then is was !

Formation of DAFNE Graduate Group (DGG)

By marke on April 30, 2014 21:21

The members of the DAFNE User Group (DUG) and eligible DAFNE Online users are joining together to form the DAFNE Graduate Group. Membership is open to all existing DUG members and all DAFNE Online users who:
• Are DAFNE Graduates who attended a DAFNE course in the UK or Republic of Ireland
• Agree to accept occasional communication by e-mail from DUAG

Benefits of the combined membership for all members will be:
• Access to DAFNE Online Apps for iPhone & Android devices
• Access to DAFNE Online Forums to discuss questions, issues or topics of interest to other users
• Ability to ask questions direct to Health Care Professionals (HCPs) both in your own DAFNE Centre and through a specific forum
• Information updates from DUAG through a regular newsletter and specific updates e.g. on announcements made at the annual DAFNE Collaborative
• Opportunity to get more involved in running the DAFNE programme in the UK & Republic of Ireland
• On-line access to the DAFNE workbook and information on changes made during updates
• Briefings on the latest DAFNE research and its impact on the DAFNE programme
• Interaction with a social network of nearly 9,000 DAFNE Graduates and a total of nearly 14,000 users with an interest in DAFNE plus the ability to directly interact with other users from your own DAFNE Centre

The e-mail communication from DUAG will include a newsletter produced every 3-6 months and occasional other requests (e.g. for feedback on initiatives being run by DUAG or for patient input on focus points for DUAG or questions being considered by the DAFNE Executive). We will not swamp your e-mail inbox and DUAG commit not to share your e-mail address with any other party, including DAFNE.

If you are interested in joining the DAFNE Graduates Group and you are already registered as a Graduate in DAFNE Online, please update your profile to select the option to “Send me information from the DUAG” by clicking on Settings and then Change Profile

If you are not registered as a Graduate in DAFNE Online, then please contact your DAFNE Centre to obtain the access code for your Centre and then add this to your profile as well as opting-in for communication from DUAG.

In addition, all existing DAFNE Online members who update their profile to opt-in for communication from DUAG before 30th June will be entered into a prize draw for a bottle of champagne.

I look forward to welcoming you in the DGG. If you have any questions please feel free to send me a message through DAFNE Online using my Login ID of rogersp.

Stem Cell Research

By marke on April 13, 2014 09:22

We have received the following request, which maybe you can help with !!

I am a final year Biology undergraduate at Edinburgh University, currently doing a project to evaluate the fact sheets about stem cell research on the website
One of the fact sheets is about how stem cell science could help Type 1 diabetes in the future, so I would be really interested to get feedback from people with Type 1 diabetes and their family and friends.
Would you be willing to circulate my survey around your members? It only takes about 15 minutes and all respondents can enter a prize draw to win a £100 Amazon voucher. The deadline for entering is 24/4/14.

Here is the link:

Diary problem resolved

By marke on January 19, 2014 17:37

We have now hopefully resolved the issues with the online Blood Glucose Diary. The website pages should now be working at an acceptable speed without any 'we are sorry something has gone wrong' errors. Thank you to everyone for their patience whilst we worked out what the issue was an fixed it. As ever please contact us if you experience problems with any of the pages on the site.

DAFNE Collaborative 2013

By marke on August 01, 2013 19:23

You can find a report on the DAFNE Collaborative 2012 here : collab report
Somebody please read it, I had to jump through more hoops than a Sealion at Sea World to get it approved and published !!