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Athena DAFNE Graduate
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I was wondering about starving for a medical procedure. I know to drop my insulin to avoid hypos, but I don't know how to handle the ketones that will result from not eating carbs for a long period of time. DAFNE hasn't sorted this for me, and I can only ever skip one carb mea, before getting ketones.
How will I manage the ketones? Will I use the protocol for " Coping when you are Ill" i.e the 20% of the TDD every couple of hours thing. Is that the correct bit in the handbook for going carb free?

Any info welcome. Thanks

novorapidboi26 DAFNE Graduate
NHS Lanarkshire
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The sick day rules are exactly what you would use in this situation, as they are only in place to deal with the lack of food being consumed..............

Ketones are normal and can be processed with insulin, just like in non diabetics, but with us they can get out of control if we dont give the insulin to deal with them..........obviously not eating is not wise if you can........

What kind of level of ketones are you talking about when you miss a meal...........? If a lot then this must be a pain when testing your background..............what are your levels like in the morning after many hours fasting?

Mid Yorkshire Hospitals
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I always get ketones too after doing a carb free meal, even if my BG remains perfect. I guess it's exactly what those atkins diet devotees would be aiming for, but it doesn't make you feel that great! I think that you're right in following the sick day rules - very difficult to manage though in this situation in that you wouldn't want to hypo - if you had a hypo and had to eat would your op not be able to go ahead?