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shirley DAFNE Graduate
NHS Tameside and Glossop
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does anyone have any experience with 'hot sweats' due to post menopausal symptoms? I can not seem to make my mind up if the BG results I have are due to post menopause or hypos. Any advisce will help!!!

suebriggs DAFNE Graduate
Taunton and Somerset Hospital, Taunton
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This was a problem for me, as I was post menopause when I was diagnosed in Feb 2008.
I was very scared of the hypos at first having ended up straight back in hospital just days after diagnosis, adn gettign hot was my first sign, but I already had my own 'central heating' activated without warning before dignosis. Very confusing
I found no way round it. I just tested. Very sore fingers in the early days but now I am more confident about deciding the times that I am very unlikely to be hypo (just after meals/snack). That usually works and if I was wrong I soon know from the other signs.