Can anyone put numbers (%) on ideal split between above target, on target and below target BGs?

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LizB DAFNE Graduate
South East Kent PCT
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Ive been using the DAFNE online graphs and wonder if anyone has yet come up with an ideal split for the "BG Targets Chart" (pie chart)?

I started with a split of:
73.5% of my BGs being Above target,
20.5% being On target and
7% below target.
(NB - Each pie chart I do is for tests recorded over 1 week - I analyse the BG Targets Chart every Sunday night to monitor progress)

You can imagine how clear it was to me that I needed to improve the ratios so that more BGs were on target and fewer were above target.

Over the last few weeks I've been working on this, in combination with analysing my daily trends to sort out where in the day I'm getting the most high BGs. The figures have fluctuated a bit during this time but the general trend seems to be toward a "better" split. The "best" so far being:
44.1% of BGs Above target,
35.3% On target and
20.6% Below target.

To my mind this is still not ideal but is at least bringing my longer term averages down.

So, my question is: What should I be aiming for? What is "better" or "best"? Has a view been formed on this yet?

Hope that makes sense. All the best.

marke Site Administrator
South East Kent PCT
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As ever I will start by saying I am NOT a HCP just a run of the mill DAFNE Graduate.

So, what should you be aiming for, perfection ! Will you ever acheive it ? Very probably no, but it doesn't hurt to try :-) I don't believe a view has been formed because I don't think one can. We are all different and the answer will differ slightly for each of us. Keeping your BG's within target range reduces your risks of complications, the key here is 'reduces'. Life doesn't come with an guarantees and especially not if you have Diabetes. You could keep your BG's perfect and still suffer complications and vice-versa, again because we are ALL different our risk factors will vary. It's just life !
So at least you are seeing an improvement, making progress, thats something to be happy about ! So well done.
By the way we are glad that you are finding the graphs useful :-)

LizB DAFNE Graduate
South East Kent PCT
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Marke thanks for coming back on this. I have to admit I'm a bit bemused by your response though becasue my question was in earnest as I thought it would be interesting to see what the HCPs thought about this or if they were even aware of what great tools we've got on this website and the potential they have for providing various different types of target so that more people can find something that works for them. Graphs have certainly made a world of difference to my enthusiasm and as a marker of actual progress that previously I couldn't see and therefore often gave up on. The HCPs do after all give out target ranges for BGs and HBA1Cs already, that we all aim for with varying degrees of success and base our achievable targets in and around those suggested ranges. That's all I'm seeking for the graphs - a target range.

I've done a quick calculation for myself of what the target could be ("as a starter for ten") and based it on what I've picked up from DAFNE information / principles and to be honest, from where my results are at the moment my calculations would give a VERY exacting target so thought I'd seek a professional view.

As you say, we are all different and perfection may not be achievable BUT in order to move closer to the perceived "perfection" it helps to have a target or targets and so that individuals can use the targets that work them.

The calculation I did is shown below and is very much a first and basic calculation and not necessarily recommended or achievable...

DAFNE Recommended number of tests per week is 4 per day x 7 = 28
Number of hypos to expect/acceptable per week is 2 to 3 round up to = 3
After each hypo anticipate a rebound higher reading at the next
scheduled test (before meal/bed), therefore anticipated No. high BGs = 3 , plus
Expect to have 1 to 2 other / unexplained high BGs per week (?), round to = 2

This means:
3 of 28 results might be Below target range = 3/28*100= 10.7%
5 of 28 results might be Above target range = 5/28*100= 17.9%
20 of 28 results might be Within target range = 20/28*100= 71.4%

In theory that is perfection but I'm not sure if that's what DAFNE had in mind when they gave out the advice about number of hypos and unexplained highs. To me that looks VERY exacting so my question I suppose to the HCPs is: Is this a sensible, achievable, good target or would you recommend a range of percentages such as 8-15% Below target, 15-25% Above target and 65% or more Within target.

If there simply isn't an answer at present or they feel it's best not to have one then that's fine, I'm just curious and searching for greater understanding of diabetes (which I consider to have been a particularly annoying "sibling" throughout my life).

Thanks again for all the useful things on this site.

All the best
Liz :0)