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Central Middlesex Hospital
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I have recently moved from London (where I atended a DAFNE course at the Central Middlesex Hospital in Jan 07)to Hampshire and have registered with a Doctor here. I gave my DAFNE notes to the DR which included a recommendation that I attend the DAFNE clinics at a nearby hsopital. My doctor told me that because I was "young and Healthy" I did not need to see a specialist. I am not happy with this response.

Before moving to the area my HbA1c was 7.9% and I am hoping to start a family with in the next 2 years. I know my HbA1c needs to be lower and therfore want to attend a clinic regularly.

Does anyone know any way I can attend a DAFNe clinic? Can I contact the hospital myslef or I do I need to be referred by my Doctor?

marke Site Administrator
South East Kent PCT
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moving diabetes care to primary care pah ! Whoops better be careful what I say, I might upset somw HCP's ;-) I'm not a HCP in case you hadn't guessed that already but I totally agree that the approach that you are 'young and healthly' so don't need to see a specialist is rubbish. you won't stay healthly without help, although the 'young' bit I'm afraid you can't do anything about.
It would be nice if you could link up with another DAFNE centre, however there aren't any on our list, DAFNE Central would know better and hopefully someone from there will answer. You don't say where in Hampshire, its a big county. There is a Centre in Salisbury and there
are ones in London that may be not too far if you are in North Hampshire. At the very least I think you should be seen by a Diabetes Care team at your local hospital. There is definitely one in Southampton because I was under there before I moved.
You can always email us using the contact link at the bottom of pages on the website with your address and we can pass this on to DAFNE
Central to see if they can help.

Simon Heller DAFNE HCP
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals
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There are some GPs who know a lot about diabetes (although few who are DAFNE trained) and who could support DAFNE graduates but I agree with marke, that the remark that 'young and healthy' people don't need to see a specialist doesn't suggest that this GP is one of them. I think there are relatively few DAFNE clinics on the South coast but Salisbury is not too far away and Gill Thompson, national clinical director of the DAFNE collaborative may give you a list. I think you have a right to politely but firmly insist that you seek specialist support, particularly as you recognise the need to optimise your glycaemic control prior to becoming pregnant. Any GP will realise that this alone needs specialist support.

digth DAFNE Management
DAFNE Central
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Simon Heller is correct that DAFNE centres are very thin on the ground on the south coast.

As marke has pointed DAFNE is delivered at Salisbury District Hospital, Salisbury and also the Royal Surrey County Hospital, Guilford; next closest would be in London.

I'm not sure if Salisbury or Guilford are options for you , but good luck and I hope you get the some support.

Gill Thompson

Central Middlesex Hospital
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Many thanks for all your contributions.

I phoned the DAFNE clinic at SALisbury and have got an appointment in a few weeks time. On their advise I went back to the doctor and told them this and gave them the address so they could refer me aswell, they didin't have much choice once I told them I had already got an appointment booked.

Thanks again to you all.

marke Site Administrator
South East Kent PCT
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hey, good news!! let us know how it goes. Hopefully you can continue to get DAFNE support from them and this site. I used to
live in that part of the country and still miss it....