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Gdorean DAFNE Graduate
Maidstone General Hospital
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I've just switched from two Lantus injections per day to one of Tresiba. My question is this: I've been getting a lot of high blood sugars during the day and feeling rundown. When on Lantus, I took 16 at night and 12 in the morning. I am taking 22 units of Tresiba, as it was advised. Should I eventually be taking the same amount (2Cool of Tresiba, which I take in the morning?

Many thanks

novorapidboi26 DAFNE Graduate
NHS Lanarkshire
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Its hard to say for you personally....

with any insulin change however you should be doing a full sweep of the dose adjusting till its correct.....

you wont get the flexibility of two injections as you will with one, but I assume you know that.....