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Brief history - 2010 diagnosed T2, put on Gliclazide and Metformin, went into denial, pills did not work. 2015 c-peptide done, diagnosed with LADA and my record updated to Type 1. Put on Humalog and Lantus, this brought BS down fine, but never worked out my ratios and again into denial mode with it. 2018, back at Hospital, got on Libre Sensor system and recently completed DAFNE course.

I was found to be insulin resistent and my ratio for food was found to be 2:1 and background 26 units twice daily. Exercise I took 50% reduction in both if I knew I was doing an intense workout. I am 18 stone 13lbs, and should be 15.5 to 16 stone for my height and built. It was suggested to me that metformin might help with the insulin resistence - so got a prescription for that.

Problem:- I wanted to get on the metformin before it was ready and so ordered a natural alternative as I was very keen to get started (last occasion I was on metformin it helped me loose weight also, so that was very attractive too). I found a product on Amazon that has a very good rating from Good State Health Solutions called Glyxo-X 500 - Extra Strength Berberine HCL with Banaba Leaf Extract. So for one week I've had 1 x 500 mg Metformin and 1 x 500 mg Beberine tablet three times a day with meals. This immediately held me in the green zone with my BG measurements. Even after a carb meal, I did not really see such high spikes soon after and towards the latter half of week, I was skating too close to the lower end of the scale with readings of 4, so decided to cut fast acting insulin out of a few meals and to my surprise it held me in the zone still. 2 nights back I had fish and chips and took 50% less fast acting so 1:1...and same 26 slow acting with the pills and I was in hypo over night. Yesterday took no fast acting all day....and only the 26 units slow at 9am and with a graph that gradually fell and at 8.22am I was 3.8 on a scan. This would indicate that the long acting is working with the pills and has pulled me down. I did also have a fair bit to drink last night being a Sat night, so that could have contirbuted.

Advice please, so I cut the background today, and if so from 26 units to what? 20?

Thanks in advance