½ a f n ¾ using libre freestyle for2 months

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kajobren DAFNE Graduate
Central Middlesex Hospital
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My Hb1 has remained fairly stable for 14 years since completing Darnell course 14 years ago.
However since using freestyle I notice post lunch levels rise very high on some days even though I know I have started having more insulin at lunch time than my carb counting would indicate I require.Lunch is always fairly small simple meal such as slice of whole meal bread and small salad,more likely homemade soup in winter .Icant help wondering if I am making situation worse by becoming anxious about it ,sometimes b g seems to start coming down fine then without any food or change of normal routine starts to rise again.Any suggestions welcome

Warwick DAFNE Graduate
Diabetes Australia-Vic, Melbourne, Victoria
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It could be stress. It could also be a lot of other things. Do you inject, or use a pump? If you inject, how often do you inject basal insulin and what sort of basal do you inject? On days where you take more insulin than your carb counting would indicate that you require, do you then have a dip in blood glucose levels before dinner or are they fairly stable? If they stay stable, then it may just be that your insulin:carb ratio is a bit higher at lunchtime than at other times of the day.

Skipping lunch may also help you see if your BGLs continue to rise from breakfast until dinner time without any food which would indicate that your basal dose is too low.

Being able to see your diary would be helpful to see trends.