Splitting the bolus for fatty foods

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Is anyone on Fiasp & tried this? In theory it should work abit quicker with the quicker released carbs at the start of your meal & has a slightly longer profile than Novorapid, Humalog Lispro or Apidra - which is probably why the Humalog NPH works better too. It might be an idea to suggest a new section in the updated Handbook. The croissant with added nut spread or nut/chocolate spread or cream cheese may be less likely to have as big a rise if it is with jam - but that's if you don't mind having a replacement for your jam! Laughing

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Never heard of Fiasp but it sounds as if it is the thing of the future if what NOVO says is right!

On advice from my clinic I have started taking Novorapid ten to fifteen minutes before a meal provided I am not low-ish and that has lessened the likelihood of a carb surge considerably. Lots of brownie points! :-)