Effect of Chemotherapy treatment on Blood Glucose test results

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Dinah DAFNE Graduate
NHS Harrow
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I am Type 1 on Daphne. I have had major operation for Ovarian cancer, followed by Chemo treatment. During sessions 1 and 2 I noticed that my blood sugar tests were much higher than normal and found by increasing my Lantus a lot I gradually managed some control. My second session was similar to the first but due to high liver count results I have had to wait an extra 4 weeks until this third session. In these extra weeks I expected my blood tests results to settle down to normal but they have also been very erratic. I started my third session yesterday and my bedtim BG result was 30.1. I took 1 CP and 6 units of Novorapid. This morning my BG was 20.7. I took 19 units of Lantus (I am normally on 15units) and 8 units of Novorapid (4 to cover CP eaten and 4 to balance). At lunchtime my BG had gone up to 26.3. I took10 units of Novorapid (5 to cover CP eaten and 5 to balance).