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wilkie DAFNE Graduate
Pennine Acute Hospitals
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I am a type 1 on Humalog and Levemir. Humalog with every meal and Levemir morning and evening. I am doing a full Marathon at the end of May and I am having great difficulty with my sugar levels during the long run. I have tried adjusting my insulin but still having problems. before the run how much should I reduce the QA and the levimir by and how should I increase my CP.s before the run.

Hope someone can help.

novorapidboi26 DAFNE Graduate
NHS Lanarkshire
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I don't have much experience with runs or more recently any activity...lol.....

But I can make some educated comments.....

as a marathon is long and moderately intense I would say the first dose to reduce is your Levemir......I would do some test runs with just that reduced by say 15% and see what happens.....if you can get away with just reducing the Levemir that would be ideal......

What observations have you made so far...?

When will the marathon start in relation to meal times? What food are you likely to have on board before and during the run....?

That information will determine if a Humalog reduction is needed.....

I would say its preferable to avoid taking on carbs if you can, apart from liquid carbs during the run....

Warwick DAFNE Graduate
Diabetes Australia-Vic, Melbourne, Victoria
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I've run 4 marathons, 3 with type 1 diabetes. Because everyone's diabetes is so individual, I suggest that you post your diary to this conversation. (Just use the "Include my Blood Glucose Diary entries between:" fields when posting). That way we can get a good idea of what is happening. We would need to see the days that you are doing your long runs and details of any hypos and hypers. Also what your usual basal rates are and if you have reduced them prior etc.

In general, you will want to reduce your basal in the 12 hours before the run, and also afterwards - hypos are common as the body recovers from the run. Please post your diary and I can go into more specifics.