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Trish Skidmore
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals
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Hi can you tell me if the Freestyle Libre is available on the NHS free please.

Thank you Trish

Phil Maskell DAFNE Graduate
Nottingham University Hospital & QMC
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I'm not an HCP, but I can answer that, No. Abbott are trying to get it, but don't hold your breath Sad

That aside I do pay for it and find it really useful.

EDIT: NHS need to way up the cost of long term issues, my HbA1c has gone from 8ish to 5.9 since using it.

Peter DUAG Committee Member
University College London Hospitals (UCLH)
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Trish, The other possibility is to ask the DSN at your next appointment whether they have any which can be borrowed. Some DAFNE centres are now offering this.That would at least give you some visibility of your 24x7 data and help you decide if you wanted to invest in one.

Rafa DAFNE Graduate
St Vincent's Dublin
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I just ordered one myself over here in Ireland. HbA1c is in the low 7's so praying this will help get it down. Had my regular eye check and have been referred to the eye hospital as they need to take a look. They mentioned I may need treatment so need to take a look.

Warwick DAFNE Graduate
Diabetes Australia-Vic, Melbourne, Victoria
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I haven't used the Libre, but use another brand's CGM and it has been incredibly helpful in seeing patterns. I used to have cereal for breakfast and assumed that my insulin was handling that well as my pre-breakfast and pre-lunch levels were similar, but I was shocked to see on CGM that my BGLs were hitting 17 for a couple of hours after breakfast before returning to normal levels. I cut out the cereal and changed to eggs and now I have a flat line after breakfast.

Also really helpful for seeing trends during exercise - flat lines on my cycle to work but downward trends on my cycle home from work. It has been really helpful so that I can make educated changes to my insulin regime and diet.

torana DAFNE Graduate
Royal North Shore Hospital, St Leonards, NSW
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Hi Rafa, You’ve done a fantastic job getting the HBA1C down to the low 7’s. I find to get it even lower on a consistent basis requires a huge effort and extreme care not to have too many hypos yet I tend to agree with Warwick that by cutting back on carbs throughout the day and hence lowering insulin levels to correspond is worth a try. I know this sounds a contradiction but in the morning my bg’s are high even after a low carb meal of approx .5 of a gram so I have been increasing the insulin to bring down the BG levels. It appears it’s horses for courses and trial and error but whatever works is the best solution for me. I have also been on the freestyle libre for some months and it’s invaluable to wear it a few weeks before a consultation to get a window into what exactly is happening in a 24 hour period and hence over a fortnight.