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patdarby 1 post

Now I have managed to keep my blood sugar under control does anyone have a diet sheet I can use? I need to lose at least 1/2 a stone. Thanks

digth DAFNE Management
DAFNE Central
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the national DAFNE programme does not produce diet sheets; additional dietary advice beyond the DAFNE course are dealt with on a local level. I would recommend that you speak with your local dietitian about your needs.

John DAFNE Graduate
Northumbria Healthcare Trust
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Hey, what is a diet sheet? I could do with losing a few kilos, so if anyone finds something useful maybe it could be posted here? Never heard of diet sheets though.

Claire Hough DAFNE Graduate
Arroww Park, Upton, Wirral
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Hi guys, Weight Watchers is brilliant and fits in really well with DAFNE. I followed it online where you get an online diary to record everything you eat, or you can go to meetings for additional support. It's good because you are weighing most of your food anyway for DAFNE so doesn't take too much extra work. I lost a stone last year! Claire

Lizzie DAFNE Graduate
Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital
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I would advise you to speak to a doctor, nurse or dietitian. They can talk with you and find a diet that's right for you. Every person is different and I don't think a generalised diet sheet would be much help.

Alzibiff DAFNE Graduate
Pennine Acute Hospitals
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Since being a DAFNE boy, I have lost around 10 pounds without really trying. As I now understand the relationship between insulin doses and the amount of CHO I eat, I have cut down my breakfast for example from a bowl of cornflakes and piece of toast, to just the cornflakes - eating less is no longer a worry as I know how to adjust my insulin - prior to DAFNE it was all a bit of a guess and therefore prone to more hypos ... which led to taking in quick acting carbs - now how can you lose weight like that?

Insulin can also contribute to weight gain - and under DAFNE I am taking less insulin - double bonus!


JayBee DAFNE Graduate
James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
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Like Alzibiff, I have found that my eating habits have changed. I used to eat a big breakfast because I wanted to prevent hunger (that was probably being caused by lows) during the morning but since doing DAFNE, I can be a lot more flexible and I know I won't be hungry later on now. Smile It's heaven now especially considering I don't like to snack between meals.

Not really seen much change in my weight on that note, but I guess everything's just taking a bit of time to adjust! ^_^

Jodie 1 post

I am booking in for gastric band surgery will cost £3000 but i can't bear being fat ny longer. Has anyone had any weight loss surgery? I am worried about treating hypos and what my blood sugars might do.