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Leigh40 DAFNE Graduate
Northumbria Healthcare Trust
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I have recently changed to Levemir and am taking huge does with very little/no effect - 36 in the morning and 38 in the evening. I am taking maximum ratio doses and correct, does are not having any effect either. I have just been given metformin in the last few days to try and combat insulin resistance but so far no changes have occurred.

My DSN has just gone on holiday but has said that another thing that we could think about is going back to DAFNE basics with my insulin doses and reducing these down to see if that actually has an effect on your BGLs as your BGLs are still raised despite increasing doses. I'm not sure why this is a suggestion as surely that would just push my bs up even higher? I'd be grateful for any explanation you can give.

I'm totally frustrated !



HelenP DAFNE Graduate
Queensland Diabetes Centre, Brisbane, QLD
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Hi Leigh,

This may not be what you are looking for, but, I have been on Metformin since 12/12/14. It has not been a happy relationship. I started on 1 x 500mg and this seemed to have no effect on my insulin demand. To address the insulin resistance this was raised to 1000mg/day and after a couple of weeks my insulin demand had gone down about 5%. Buoyed by this the Metformin was increased to 1500mg/day. My belly did not like it but I persisted with the 1500mg. My insulin demand further dropped (after some time) to a total of about 8-10%. Then about a month ago faced with visitors I decided I could not live happily with the discomfort (and bowel problems) and I reduced the Metformin to 500mg/day (original dose). It has taken about 3 weeks for my insulin demand to climb back to close to my original demand but the belly issues have resolved. I see my endocrinologist at the end of September and am thinking I will go off the Metformin as I do not believe the reduction in insulin is worth it. (8u/day!)

Bottom line is I did not experience instant results so maybe you ought to keep great records and when your DSN comes back dazzle them with the data.

Hang in there. Helen