High BG's after fracture

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HelenH DAFNE Graduate
Northumbria Healthcare Trust
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Hi, I broke ankle Sunday 5pm, had manipulation to put back in place & then operation to reset Monday. Apart from Monday when BG controlled by infusions all of my readings have been ranging between 13 & 24. I have given a correction of 2 units at every meal & increased background by 1 unit am & pm. This seems to be having no effect. Any advice? I am now at home but quite immobile. Thanks

AMcD DAFNE Graduate
University College Hospital, Galway
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Would it be possible that

A) the lack of mobility and not burning off glucose naturally is resulting in the higher BG levels? Would you normally be on target and more mobile?

B) taking small snacks now that your laid up without qa dose

An infection may cause raised BG levels but assume this is not the case.

Hope you get back on track soon.


Warwick DAFNE Graduate
Diabetes Australia-Vic, Melbourne, Victoria
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Stress hormones getting released at the time of the break can also increase BGLs until they stop being produced.

And if you need a cortisone injection, then that will likely increase them too.

michaelj DAFNE Graduate
South East Kent PCT
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Broke my foot on 1st July and my BS were all over the place for 2 days. Now moving around on crutches and thanks to the extra effort to get anywhere, bloods have more or less gone back to normal. Stick with it, it'll come right in the end. The body does all sorts of weird things in times of stress.

HelenH DAFNE Graduate
Northumbria Healthcare Trust
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Thanks all,
Starting to get back on track; think it was a combination of everything! I have increased my qa:carb ratios & that seems to be working. Also now getting a bit more mobile - injuries other than the fracture have made crutches very difficult!