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dannyd64 DAFNE Graduate
Blackpool Diabetes Unit
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how to you work out the carbs in a sausage casserole when you add a colmans casserole mix to it ?

Stew B DAFNE Graduate
Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital
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Check the packet and add the total carbs in the mix to the total carbs for the rest of the dish!

dannyd64 DAFNE Graduate
Blackpool Diabetes Unit
3 posts

I tried that but got a CP count of over 100 which with a ratio of 1.5-1 would have ment over 150 units of insulin. Crying or Very sad

alturn DAFNE Graduate
NHS Grampian
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I don't use these so don't have any but checked a book I have which lists many foods and ingredients. Since publication values may have changed, so check the sachet (didn't find values on website)

It says Colemans sausage casserole mix has 77.7g of carb per 100g, and gives a sachet size of 40g. So one sachet contains 40/100 of 77.7 which gives about 32g. The Colemans web site recipe says it serves 4 portions, so I would use 8g per serving. Some allowance for carbs in sausages will probably be required, info should be on the pack. Presume the other ingredients are vegetables which I would not include in carb count.

snow123 DAFNE Graduate
Durham Diabetes Network
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Its easier to keep the sausages whole so you can work them out correctly for CP' just takes time to do but once I've done it for the recipe then I just jot it down into a book or phone for next time.I also jot down what a portion weighs to help for next time x