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Peter said:
If your doctor is complaining about the level of strip usage, I'd suggest you refer them to the new NICE National Clinical Guideline on the treatment which should provided to all Type 1 Diabetics in the UK. Whilst it is still in draft form at the moment, the final version is due to be published later this year (target August). The relevant recommendations for Blood Glucose Control, which is listed as a key priority for implementation is:

Support adults with type 1 diabetes to test at least 4 times a day, and up to 10 times a day if any of the following apply:

  • the target for blood glucose control, measured by HbA1c level (see recommendation 1.6.6), is not achieved
  • the frequency of hypoglycaemic episodes increases
  • there is a legal requirement to do so (such as before driving, in line with DVLA requirements)
  • during periods of illness
  • before and after sport
  • when planning pregnancy, during pregnancy and while breastfeeding
Given that these circumstances apply to most of us, this recommendation should be enough to persuade GPs of the need for a sensible quantity of test strops per day.

Peter - I think this is good, sound advice, and a very useful list of re the reasons why we need to test - all T1 should know this, and be able to quote it, as certainly in the UK, with more and more pressures being put on GP's to save money, there may be a tendency for them to look at the short term gains in saving on stuff such as strips and needles, without the bigger picture of much more costly saving in the longer term being made by using them.