No QA Insulin with me....

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Matt Hewitt DAFNE Graduate
DPV Health, Epping, Vic
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Hi all

It seems I have forgotten to refill my QA insulin before I left for work this morning. I now have nothing to cover me for lunch or any snacking during the day. I do have my BI Insulin.
My morning BGL was 7.3, so I know I am currently within or not far from target levels.

The trip home to get it is over an hour and I still have about 5 hours of work to go.

What should I do?



mstarosta DAFNE HCP
Royal Hobart Hospital, Hobart, Tasmania
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Hi Matt, probably a bit late now but try to avoid carbs during the day & u might need to correct tonight when u get home & have QA available. Twice daily BI can be helpful in this situation but only if you notice BI running out, not as correction. Perhaps a spare pen in the fridge at work if u have a fridge available? Hope it all works out ok!

Gus DAFNE Graduate
Darent Valley Hospital, Dartford
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...or carb free meals till you get home? Just a thought.

Emma79 DAFNE Graduate
South West Essex PCT
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I have forgotten my pen before and not noticed until I got to work.

I have a chemist near by who has helped me out on more than one occasion. They give you a pen at the charge of £20. Then when you have a prescription take it to the same chemist who will give you your £20 back and remove a pen from the 5 pack you get on prescription.