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Felix Glenn 26 posts

Hi Sharon, I became type 1 six months after a serious breakdown. I felt like such a failure, that I couldn't look after myself and now I had all these injections, equipment and carb counting. It was an awful time and it bought up so much doubt and anxiety. I resisted anti-depressants for about 5 months but when I finally went onto Citalopram it was a huge relief. I wish I'd done it earlier. Citalopram side effects were quite tough for about 2 weeks but the cushion that it created between me and the tidal wave of emotions meant I could get back to work, get better control and take care of myself

Has you GP suggested antidepressants? They supported me through a "can of worms".


Felix Glenn 26 posts

BeccyB said:
I noticed a few months back that the guidelines for treating newly diagnosed diabetics now include considering the psychological element alongside the insulin etc. I think there are an awful lot of us that have never had any treatment or even discussion on how we are affected emotionally by our diabetes, you're far from alone Muna. If you don't feel comfortable talking to your GP/nurse you could try the Diabetes UK Careline

That is soooo helpful. Thanks BeccyB FX

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Sharon doodle said:
Hi, it seems like the DAFNE course has opened a can of worms for me. I have lots of undealt with gremlins. Gas anyone else found this? I'm going to follow it up with my gp, but I'm just wondering if there is support out there for us?

yes, I experienced a huge amount of grief (even broke down during a catch up post-DAFNE session - NOTHING was done or offered to help me deal with my mental health after this) after realising that for 19 years of my life, I had been living in fear of type 1 just because no diabetic education was given to me sooner. I did not even get a hint to try carb counting from health care professionals throughout my diabetes life.

Even now, 7 years later after DAFNE/26 years after diagnosis, I am still trying to fix the mess the lack of support has caused MYSELF. You have to fight for help in my experience. I am so angry at how poor this all is.

I wish you all the best of wishes.