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susieq DAFNE Graduate
Northampton General Hospitals
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having increased my bi by 4u since my dafne course, i was wondering if I ought to decrease my Qa ratios, as I seem to go quite low often during the day. my ratio's at the moment are 1.5:1 should I decrease the ratio or just knock off a unit or two?

Alan 49 DAFNE Graduate
Maidstone General Hospital
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Hello Susie
I think it would help us to make a judgement if you included your diary entries in your post - the option is beneath the area where you put your post.


novorapidboi26 DAFNE Graduate
NHS Lanarkshire
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Results would be good as Alan says as ultimately it the results that will tell YOU, and us what you need to do......

In order to change your QA ratios you need to have 2-3 days of high readings at the breakfast, lunch and dinner tests............and this information can only be reliable if your BI dose or doses are right...

Is it/Are they? [confirmed by carb free meals/missing a meal/overnight testing]

Often with large increases in BI comes reductions in QA..........