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Heart of Birmingham PCT
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Im having a cataract opp soon and it'schduled for 7:30am and I'm not allowed to eat or drink (except water) from midnight the night before. I spilt my background insulin and take half before breakfast and the other half before dinner.

My issue is the eye hospital has top me NOT to take my background insulin in the morning, but I don't want to do that - what should I do?


HelenP DAFNE Graduate
Queensland Diabetes Centre, Brisbane, QLD
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I have just had carpal tunnel surgery (scheduled for 8:00am) and the anaesthetist said that it did not matter what I did she was going to give me 4% glucose. Went under on 10.0 out on 14.2!

After the surgery the BG's were higher than usual for a couple of days...pain? Trauma?

How long will you be "under" and how long will it be before you can drink/eat?

I was only "out" for an hour and then I was able to drink and once I had proven I could keep the water down I was allowed to eat. I then had breakfast (that I had brought from home) and corrected. You also know your response to taking background an hour or two late. ATB, Helen.

novorapidboi26 DAFNE Graduate
NHS Lanarkshire
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As you background is dealing with your livers glucose output and not food you should be fine.......

I would ask them to explain there decision before the op goes ahead.....

Heart of Birmingham PCT
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Thanks guys for your responses, I'm not exactly how long I'll be out for but they said it could be up to six hours and ofcourse I suppose they're worried about me having a. Hypo or something. I did ask them to elaborate on why they said "no insulin" but I didnt feel as if the guy I spoke to really understood the basal/bosal insulin regime!
I'm going to take by background insulin I think; thanx for ur help. Wink