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Claire119 DAFNE Graduate
Hertfordshire DAFNE Centre
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Every night the same pattern happens (you would think that therefore there is an easy way to identify whats going wrong). I eat my dinner around 18:30 -19:00 and correct if need be. By 22:00 before bed my glucose are high (almost always above 15.0) i correct and set an alarm for about 2-3am. I check my bloods and my glucose wont have moved at all. I check with several meters. I then correct that, but with less as I worry i will go hypo. I then wake up on a normal number. This, however, affects the rest of my day. Im high most of the time (above 10.0) and am happy to get under 10 let alone within the dafne targets. I take levemir at 8:30 and 20:30.
I was wondering whether this is a form of insulin resistance as i also have PCOS, but am not overweight?

novorapidboi26 DAFNE Graduate
NHS Lanarkshire
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Hi Claire and welcome..........

From what you have described it would seem that your 20:30 background dose is not enough to carry you steady overnight.........

Thats what DAFNE would assume anyway.........

Also, because you are having your dinner late or going to bed early you dont know accurately if your dinner ratio had done its job......try and leave a maximum of 5 hours between your dinner injection and you pre bed test, this way you can be sure its right and then eliminate that ratio from your investigation........... Smile