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torana DAFNE Graduate
Royal North Shore Hospital, St Leonards, NSW
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Hi Whitaker,
I am very impressed by your enthusiasm and suggestions to make the DAFNE website more user friendly for everyone.
I believe many DAFNE users relate to your comments regarding outdated threads needing to be fixed up to make a relevant website. It’s great Marke’s comments to fix up the web pages in the new year. It would also be a wonderful opportunity at the start of the new year to invite all members to make positive comments and suggestions on how to improve the forum pages.
Firstly, you mention the problem with threads. I would like to again restate the amount of spam on this site that has been on the forum pages. This spam destroys forum communication and also leaves confusing deleted threads left on the page.
Secondly, the DAFNE front page should state unequivocally that there is no relationship between DAFNE central, that is the DAFNE that provides courses in hospitals, and the forum pages voluntarily run by Marke. In fact, I find this surprising and confusing due to the fact the DAFNE logo is used by both entities yet there appears to be a lack of communication, funding etc between the two organisations. This forum is a mirror to DAFNE run in the hospital, with thousands of users and past participants listed on your website yet it is baffling the apparent lack of communication, coordination, contact or funding between DAFNE central and this forum that seemingly runs on an oily rag.
Hoping everyone has a safe and healthy new year, 2020

marke Site Administrator
South East Kent PCT
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Hi, temporarily changed until a formal update. We use a system called Ruby-on-Rails which is sort of a content management system but not exactly that. It will disappear in a formal update.