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Darren Spark 2 posts

Is there any current feature that would allow bulk uploads or bulk changes without doing these individually.

It is very frustrating to need to each revision "one at a time"

Muncle DAFNE Graduate
University Hospitals, Leicester
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Hello & welcome to the forum Darren, If you mean Diary entries then if you look below where it says "Add Diary Entry" then you will see "Click here to add multiple entries at a time" which will enable you to do about 7 entries very quickly. If you mean uploading from your tester or another source then I can't help you as I always log on and do my diary entries.



Darren Spark 2 posts

Thanks Muncle

What Im trying to do is to correct over 200 dane diary entries. All of the entries have my Ratio (QA:CP) incorrect and the TYPES....these are all showing as BFAST

I would like to amend all of my DAFNE records to show the correct QA:CP ratios which changed at given points in time and also my correct BI which also changed.

I had hoped that there would be a feature to change multiple records at once, not just add multiple records at once using the "Click here to add multiple entries at a time" link ?