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Hannah80 DAFNE Graduate
Maidstone General Hospital
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Hi, my DAFNE app on my phone isn't working properly, never had this problem before? It isn't loading my bgs and won't except new ones, or if it does it changes it to a different date? I've checked to see if it needs an update, but nothing shows up?
If I delete and reload the app will I loose all my previous bgs? (As I don't want to loose them)
Any ideas??

JayBee DAFNE Graduate
James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
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What app version are you using? The iPhone version is the only one that only gets updates at this time. I personally use the Android version so cannot help with the iPhone one.

Are your BGs set up to automatic upload in the settings, and are your login details correct?

There are sometimes times where the servers that they upload the diary results to don't work, but that is not common.
I think you will lose the BG results if you do not get them uploaded to the DAFNE Online server before removing the app.

The main time I've found when the app changes the date is when it's getting close to midnight and I want to add an entry that was earlier in the day so sometimes I have to correct it back to the correct date after I posted the entry so it's right. The other reason it might happen is because the DAFNE Online servers are in an American time zone and sometimes the server gets conflicted so fails to upload. They can be uploaded at a later time though (I usually upload them in the morning with my waking BG result).

If it continues to be a problem, it may be worth sticking to the mobile website to upload diary entries on the go (if you have a net connection though your phone on the go).

Best wishes.