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JennyNZ 29 posts

hi there.
i want to send my doc a month's worth of readings as a linear (?) graph starting at the beginning of the month and ending at the end of the month. (Would look like how our test books looked years ago). your graph separates meals but i want mine to show what my results are doing over 24 hours over a month. how do i do this? I thought it would be really easy but cant find a graph that works like this.

Phil Maskell DAFNE Graduate
Nottingham University Hospital & QMC
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What I think you want is the 7 day trend graph, but over 30 days, I think this would be too squished up and unreadable hence the reason its not available. What I would possibly do is grab 4 different 7 day graphs to show the months data.

Hopefully that helps.


JennyNZ 29 posts

Thanks for that but I was hoping to do 4 months so I ended up just sending through my results instead.

Bananaman DAFNE Graduate
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Try looking at the Freestyle optium neo software or even better the Freestyle Libre which is expensive but free for a reader and two sensors from some hospital clinics, it uses the same test strips as the neo for blood glucose/ketone tests, you only pay for the sensors