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ot3867 DAFNE Graduate
King's College Hospital, Camberwell
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I have been adding my blood glucose levels into the diary feature on the iPhone App.

I had assumed these would automatically sync with the web-site so that I can see my diary from other devices e.t.c but this does not seem to be working properly despite the fact that I have "Diary Upload" turned on and my username and password details set up in the app.

Am I doing something wrong? What could it be? Or is it a feature that need further development?

Any help would be much appreciated.

marke Site Administrator
South East Kent PCT
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The app will only upload entries when you add a new entry. If you created the entries before you put your login details into the app or set Diary Upload it won't
have uploaded them. The reason it works this way is the alternative is the app would have to run in the background constantly checking if it needed to upload entries to the site. This would be inefficient and would flatten your battery. If you add a new entry the app knows there is at least one entry to upload and so will try to upload it and any entries that have not been uploaded. Also, stating the obvious, you need to have an internet connection when you add the entry. If you are not on wifi or don't have data coverage when out and about it can't upload the entry anyway.

GrahamAnderson DAFNE Graduate
Kent and Sussex Weald Diabetes Centre
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None of my entries since April have uploaded, my app tries to but never manages it even when I'm on wifi Sad

glen4 DAFNE Graduate
Taunton and Somerset Hospital, Taunton
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You can't beat the old monitoring diary with a biro pen! Very Happy

Simon Site Administrator
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals
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Hi Oliver,

Do you see an error message when the app tries to upload your entries (when you say tries can you elaborate a bit more on how you know it's trying too) ?



JennyNZ 29 posts

mine doesnt do it automatically - only when i manually press "upload diary from site". i let them build up a bit (dont use the site much at all) then press "upload" but it is never automatic