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TeeDog DAFNE Graduate
Mt Gambier Diabetes Centre, South Australia
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Yay... All working for me also. On Android tablet. Thanks all involved. Very Happy

Garry DAFNE Graduate
North Lincolnshire
328 posts

Thank you marke. Back to normal for me too.

Have not tried to print the graphs before but have just tried Ctrl/PrintScreen with a paste it into Word..and that works fine so may be a fix for now if you need this facility.


grumpydunn DAFNE Graduate
Salisbury DAFNE Centre
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Thanks mark, its works for me also


SimonC DAFNE Graduate
NHS Harrow
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marke said:
sorry not sure I understand your question/request. You mean you want to be able to print just the graph and not the rest of the page that surrounds it ? Could you do this before ? I'm afraid that Simon usually takes care of this part of the site and I have never tried to print the graphs before....

Yes thats what I want to do - I used to be able to select a graph - with the dates I want, usually 1 graph was since i started Dafne, then the rest would be on monthly basis - 1 graph per month, and i could easily select the graph and print it out with the dates - it is far easier to show trends by using the graphs. I have loads of paper that I used to take to the GP with all the diary print outs, with graphs, now I can't print out the graphs - and it is a tad annoying

Garry DAFNE Graduate
North Lincolnshire
328 posts

I know I only suggested Ctrl/PrtSc as a temporary fix but you can of course use it on an ongoing basis.
Select your graph dates needed and Ctrl/PrtSc with paste into word or any document type
Change graph dates and Ctrl/PrtSc + paste your hearts content...or to your GPs satisfaction.