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Okay here's a recipe, sorry it's taken so long!! I've made this and the CP value has been spot on with my BGs, rather than be boring I thought I'd go for the pudding. Hopefully it's simple enough for something to be devloped out of and easy for other people to read and make. I had this plain however icing sugar, jam etc can be added if prefered, you would just to to work out CP value. I have also marked the CP value next to the ingredients that have CPs in them, this was per 100g.

Title: Plain Sponge Cake

8 eggs (seperated)
190g Sugar / 190 CP
95g Flour / 67CP
55g Corn Flour / 46CP
45g melted butter
1 tsp Vanilla extract

Total CPs = 303 CP (7inch round cake tin / 8 portions / 1 portion = 4CP)

Bake in pre heated oven at 180 degrees for 30 mins.

1. Seperate the egg yolks and whites
2. Mix the yolks with 2 tbls sugar until creamy
3. Mix the whites adding the rest of the sugar gradually until stiff/white
4. Add the yolk mixture to the whites folding together
5. Sive the flour/corn flour into the main mixture and fold all together
6. Add the melted butter and vanilla extract and again fold all together
7. Place a piece of baking paper onto your baking tray and pour mixture into this
8. Put in a pre heated oven for 30 mins at 180 degrees.

Add icing sugar on top or eat plain whatever you prefer. You can cut this into as many portions as you want. I got 8, could have got more I guess it depends on how much of a sweet tooth you have!!

Let me know your thoughts.

Sam x

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I will try to look at doing some pages to allow this kind of info to be entered in the near future. I have had a few problems recently getting my development system to work again after upgrading to windows 7, not microsofts fault I should add for once ;-) Its working
again now so I will try to come up with something.


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Sam DAFNE Graduate
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That would be good - thanks.