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Sam DAFNE Graduate
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This may sound really naff but how would folk feel about sharing homemade recipes or just recipes? I make alot of homemade meals and have calculated my portions etc. I get bored eating the same thing and thought it would be nice to try something different, someone else cooking. Having a topic for this would be cool but if I'm just a sad git then hey don't worry about it!!

Sam x

Tracey Bond
Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital
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Hi Sam. It sounds like a fantastic idea. Eating the same thing because we are all too afraid to try something new is common I'm sure to all of us. Go for it!!

Tracey x

Karen Westwood DAFNE Graduate
Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust
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Hi Sam,

That sounds like a really great idea. I'm sure most of us get in a bit of a rut with the food we eat - just because its easier!

If there was somewhere that we could add recipes that are already calculated in CP values that would be great.

Karen x

Sam DAFNE Graduate
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Good show - eh Simon or Marke is this feasible?

Sam x

marke Site Administrator
South East Kent PCT
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hi, yes its possible, we just need to think about how to implement it. Perhaps people could discuss it a bit more in this forum thread and firm up a bit more on what is required. If we have a good idea on what is required we will be more than happy to implement it. The site is here to meet users needs, so if people want recipies we will give it a go. On one condition, no one asks
us to cook them ourselves ;^)

Sam DAFNE Graduate
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Cool! I don't think it needs to be anything too fancy. Have a Sticky saying Recipes and a dialogue box similar to this where we can for example

Chicken Pie

write your ingredients here

Nutrition Information:
write your CP values here

write how to make

as basic as mentioned above. If anyone else has suggestions as to layout etc feel free.

Looking forward to trying out some different food, mind and add the puddings!!!

Sam x

Nick Sproston DAFNE Graduate
Arroww Park, Upton, Wirral
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This sounds like an excellent idea.
I will have to keep my eye on this thread to see how it progreses

john day DAFNE Graduate
Nottingham University Hospital & QMC
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Sounds a great idea to encourage the trying out of new meals, with the added attraction that Meal CP is already calculated for a sized portion.

As far as the CP calculation itself for a ‘home cooked’ meal, the Meal CP Estimator form (which some of you already have had from me) seems to work well when my partner Pat makes a ‘from basics’ meal with lots of ingredients.

The form helps ensure all ingredients are correctly taken account of and prevents CP calculations from being pencilled on Pat’s recipe books… not a good idea I am informed!

If the recipes were perhaps structured in a similar manner, showing ingredient CPs, cooks using could adjust the mixture to their own preference and easily see the impact on the overall CP.

Could well, however, be best to start simple, as Sam suggests, and see how much enthusiasm there is out there and enhance if required.

Bearing in mind the old 80/20% rule, to make it fly perhaps the submission of a new recipe should be a condition of membership of Dafne Online. But Beans on Toast should probably not count even for us mere males.

Food for thought! Cheers, John

Sam DAFNE Graduate
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Hi John

I'm curious ..your form is there anyway I could get a copy? I in the past had difficulty in over estimating my CPs as every food tends to have carb nutrition info on the packaging. When attending the DAFNE course we were told to watch what we count for example a tin of lentil soup although a heinz tin from memory works out at about 3 cps I normally 1/2 it for all the potato that's in it plus lentils are in low GI. You end up taking too much insulin to cover and could hypo later on. I guess it's a case of what ingredients are in the foods etc and would you count it. My portions of home cooked meals can depend on how big or small my portion is. I make a chicken pie which has puff pastry which is high in carbs but I love it sooo much I get 4 portions out the whole pie. You could get so much more I guess what I'm trying to say is say one of my recipes is a total of 400g carbs i would say to folk divide by the number of portions you want out of it, everyones appetite is different. I would also list all ingredients and mark the carb amount per that item and it would be up to that person whether to count it or not. I kile to work out the carb amount for each food item, total it and then divide by the number of portions I get out of it. I take my insulin accordingly. I've never hypod after which is a good sign. I guess it's just trial and error.

Let me know about your form.

Sam x

john day DAFNE Graduate
Nottingham University Hospital & QMC
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Hello Sam ..

From what you have said, you already work in the way that will suit the form fine will just provide a standard layout for your calculations to keep. Like you mention, In my own use of the form I also tend to favour portion size at he unit rather than gr as its easier to relates to eg half of a Morrisons Steak Pie is 6.5 CP, half can rice pudding is 3.3 CP as well as dividing up Pat’s home cooked recipes into half or third portions.

Just a detail query from your potato comment .. why half the CP for the potatoes in the soup .. just from experience?

And if by ‘never hypoed’ you mean you have never had BG less than 3.5 then you could teach us all a lot, that’s for sure. Suspect you mean never been down in the 1.somethings?

Anyway, to send you the Form I need to email it as an attachment which I am happy to do, just let me know your em address via the message system.

Cheers, John