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Tibor 2 posts

As I’m new in Type 1 I would like to ask you about one unit of Novorapid how much will drop approximately my BG level?

Many thanks,


alturn DAFNE Graduate
NHS Grampian
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My DAFNE course workshop says 1 unit will drop BG by 2 to 3 units, but more may be required if BG over 11.

I would use that as a guide, then over time you might be able to work out what corrections work for you. Keeping good records helps (I use a spreadsheet).

I find it varies e.g. according to time of day or current BG level, and doesn't always work consistently.
During the day, 1 unit may drop BG by 2 to 3, late afternoon more like 1 to 1. I have also taken it at bedtime and BG has gone up overnight (also not taken any and BG dropped overnight by up to Cool.

Hope this helps,

Clare Mol68 DAFNE Graduate
East Lancashire Hospitals Diabetes Team
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Hi, I take 1 unit to bring down 3mmol. It always seems to take longer to come down from a high reading than it does to go up after having a hypo but if taking correction at mealtime you should be nearer or in target by next mealtime.


Tibor 2 posts

Thank you everyone

novorapidboi26 DAFNE Graduate
NHS Lanarkshire
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Everyone is different and so are times of day........I use two different correction factors.....

if you just use the trial and error techniques taught in DAFNE you can work them out for you...

David Collins
Milton Keynes
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"Everyone is different and so are times of day" -that's the key. Don't do this on your own! Talk to your diabetic nurse and monitor, adjust very gradually.