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Jcalderwood91 1 post

Can anybody suggest an app for easy carb counting the last time i done the dafne course was like 2009 so i need something simple and fee to use thanks Very Happy

South Tees Network
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I use the S Health app which came with my Samsung Galaxy S6 phone. It has searchable food items which is pretty comprehensive. You can even search for restaurant menu items I understand. It also allows you to add regularly eaten food items to a 'My Food' section which cuts down on the time taken to input the data. Once you have entered all your food for a particular meal it then summaries how much carbohydrate, protein, fat and other food groups are in your meal eg for lunch yesterday it calculated 85g. Divide by 10 to get CPs and then multiply by your conversion ratio to get the number of QI units to inject. For me, this comes to 10. Hope this helps.

JayBee DAFNE Graduate
James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
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I've had the "carbs and cals" app recommended to me several times but it's not free.
Fitnesspal's app isn't too bad for carb information searching, especially with the bar code scanning feature, it just can be quite slow to use.

Otherwise, I just work out carbs using a calculator app, then again for working out the ratio result for the dose required. Some testing machines have this built in (such as the Accu-Chek Expert).