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xemzx87 1 post

Ok, so ive never done a dafne course but am interested in carbohydrate counting. Im currently on novorapid and lantus of an evening. I heard that you inject 1 unit per 2 carbohydrates is that correct?

Also can people explain what the abbreviations are in the forums, eg cp... thank you.

Sorry if i sound uneducated. I want to better myself but putting it off for so long

Alan 49 DAFNE Graduate
Maidstone General Hospital
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You should discuss this with your diabetes nurse or doctor. When you go on the DAFNE course, you are assigned a ratio of quick-acting insulin to carbohydrates (expressed in 10 gram potions). My ratio is 1.5 units of insulin to 1 10g portion. So if the meal contains 60g of carbs, I inject 9 units of my quick-acting insulin. Other ratios may be assigned - Like 1:1 or 2:1
CP stands for Carbohydrate Portions, QA stands for Quick-Acting (insulin), BI is Backgroung Insulin (like Lantus). BG is Blood Glucose

You should press your GP to get you on to a DAFNE course, where everything (including carb counting) is explained properly.