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danski DAFNE Graduate
University College Hospital, Galway
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hello anyone can help me i dont know how much insulin to take for a 12 inch pizza it say 24.5 cp !!HELP!!

Garry DAFNE Graduate
North Lincolnshire
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Welcome to the Forum danski. Smile
If that is the data given on the pack we must assume that that 245g CHO is correct. I'm not surprised.
Can't help with insulin dose without helpful, relevant information, as that's entirely down to your physiology.
I have a great deal of trouble with pizza. I'm always gobsmacked by my BGs after pizza. So I'm probably not the best to help. I try to avoid.
But if your mealtime (Dinner?) ratio is 1:1 take 24u Quick Acting - FOR THE WHOLE PIZZA. If it is 1.5:1 take 37u. If 2:1 take 49u !!!....................see what I mean...loaded with carbohydrate.
Whatever you decide though, make sure you document what you do, as that will help a great deal the next time you decide to eat it.
Matching insulin, a 1/3rd of your pizza might be OK. That would be 1:1 8u, 1.5:1 12u or 2:1 16u.
Stick with it. You'll soon get the hang of it.

skillz DAFNE Graduate
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals
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Bear in mind that the absorption of the carbs from pizza can be delayed if it's particularly cheesy/fatty.

Chrisk DAFNE Graduate
Northampton General Hospitals
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Hi First time poster here. Just done my DAFNE course and it was suggested that with fatty foods such as pizza and chip shop chips that you could try splitting your normal QA dose into two halves and taking the second half about 2 hours later. What this means is that when the first insulin dose has peaked and is dropping the second dose will be rising to deal with the slow release carbs.

I'm trying this combination as I type, so I'll report back on my findings. Smile