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Paul Patterson 7 posts

From time to time I like a bit of chocolate and as I've just done the DAFNE coure in Auckland here I am now aware of Carb Portion counting, the packaging says servings per bar 10. Serving size 25g

it is a 250g block. %50 Coca

Carbs: = 16.5g
-sugars 14.4g

I can't understand how many CPs this is - I had 6 pieces off the block so is that classed closed to 10 per bar = 25g calculating that is 2.5 CPs?

I'm on 1:1 ration so 3 units?

JamesW DAFNE Graduate
Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital
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I had attempted at answering this earlier but got a bit confused with my weights and measures, hence getting rid of that answer and coming up with this one.

The facts that you have indicated are: 1 bar of chocolate weighs 250g and contains ten servings, hence a serving size is 25g. So far so good.

What are the parameters of the stated carbohydrate values? Are they per 100g or per serving (25g)?

If per 100g then the entire bar contains 41.25g of carbohydrate (16.5 * 2.5). This seems a bit low for a 250g chocolate bar to me.

If the values are per serving, then the entire bar contains 165g of carbohydrate (16.5 * 10 (portions)). That would be nearer the mark I suppose.

The bit that I can't comment on is the pieces versus serving. You say that you have 6 pieces, is that 6 servings (150g)?


total carb value of bar / total no. of servings * servings you have eaten = amount of consumed carbs

Option 1

41.25 / 10 * 6 = 24.75 which is close to your stated number

Option 2

165 / 10 * 6 = 99 which is quite a bit different

The questions therefore are, what are the carb values based on (per 100g or per serving), how many pieces in a serving and if you did take 3u to cover your chocolate eating, how did it go?

Paul Patterson 7 posts

I took 3 units and my BG before bed were 10.1 - I was happy with that and woke up with a BG of 12.1 so I am happy in understanding I calculating it pretty well Smile