Counting a TGI Fridays Choc Malt Turtle

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Dan Melbourne
Diabetes Australia-Vic, Melbourne, Victoria
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I really don't know how to count a TGI Fridays Chocolate Malted Turtle, one of my favourite desserts when I go out for a burger and a movie with a friend...

Here's what they look like:

It has:
- chocolate malt cake
- caramel sauce
- 1 malteser
- chopped pecans

Looks to me like 80-100g of ice cream, and it comes with one malteser, but I have no idea about the volume of the chocolate cake or caramel sauce in it.

TGI Fridays Australia doesn't have nutritional info available unfortunately. They did send me the nutritional values of the constituent ingredients...

Caramel sauce... 61.3g carb per 100g
Ice cream... 25.5g carb per 100g

They said the choc-malt cake in it is a proprietary product but I imagine it's not that different to other chocolate cake, which has 35g - 50g carb per 100g typically.

I was wondering if I did a 'best guess' calculation, and took the equivalent amount of QA insulin, and then waited three hours and corrected with extra QA, could I assume that the combined QA from the original dose and correction is how much I'd need to take at the time of eating next time?