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St Columcille's, Dublin
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I've recently started to juice veg in the morning - I read that the best time to drink this is on an empty stomach, so I'm having it before leaving home to go to work (where I have my breakfast).

I've been doing it for about a week but only started monitoring before an after reading these last couple of mornings. I realized with some shock that my sugars have shot up after taking the juice. For example, yesterday I was delighted with my 5.8 reading @ 7.00 but by the time I got to work @ 8.30 this had shot up to 11.3 and this morning from 7.2 to 15.6.

I vary the ingredients most days, but mainly I'm using celery, cucumber, fennel, kale, ginger and a drop of lemon - no fruit. So I was really surprised at the result.

I'm gong to continue for the next few days a keep monitoring closely because it seems so odd that these vegetables which would normally have zero effect suddenly become so potent once juiced.

Any one else had this experience?

dunkers7 DAFNE Graduate
NHS Lanarkshire
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Do you get a rising blood glucose if you're not having the veg juice first thing?

I wonder if it really is the veg juice that's causing this, or perhaps BI starting to run out after 07:00 for example? If you try not having the veg juice one morning, you'd isolate what's going on so you can act appropriately.

If lack of BI isn't the cause, maybe you just need to take QA for the veg juice at that time in the morning when you're in a fasted state. Some folks on here have recently mentioned in other threads seeing an increase in BG if eating protein for example.

Warwick DAFNE Graduate
Diabetes Australia-Vic, Melbourne, Victoria
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Just posting so I get notified when this thread gets updated. I am interested.

St Columcille's, Dublin
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@dunkers7 thanks for your reply.

I did consider the BI running out, but I tend to take that before bed, so at around 11.00, and also that it could be the so-called 'dawn phenomenon' - it has happened in the past, but only up by a couple of points, not double.

I'm now convinced now that its the vegetable juice. I was 6.8 this morning when I woke up, I made the juice and after 30 mins I was up at 12.9.

Juice was 3 sticks of celery, half a carrot, half a fennel bulb, a small yellow pepper, some ginger and a squeeze of lemon.

I posted the same comment on another site and someone came back to me saying that by stripping out the fiber I'm 'freeing' the sugars. I think they have a point and plan to do some research into this when I have a moment.

I'm going to move to green smoothies asap - my blender is being repaired so I'll start as soon as I get that back - and see how it goes. If this theory is correct, then by blending and keeping the fibers in the drink the impact on my sugars should be much lower.

Pity though, I thought I was doing something good for my health, but turns out it was quite the opposite .... Crying or Very sad