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University College Hospital, Galway
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Hi I just graduated Dafne and I was.wondering could someone please explain how I estimate how much insulin to give in relation to looking at the per 100g section of a pack? Compared to e.g. per slice of bread/per biscuit. Which do I look at? Per 100g or the individual if its there?

michaelj DAFNE Graduate
South East Kent PCT
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You can use both but it's easier to go for the individual portion calculations. You can work out how much carbohydrate you will consume whether its a biscuit or slice of bread or a banana When I did my Daphne course they got us to try different ratios to see how we got on. Would suggest a 1-1 ratio to start and see how that works. My personal settings now are
Breakfast 2-1 2 units per 1o gms carbohydrate 3 portions- 30 gms - 6units
Lunch 1-1 1 " " " 4 portions - 40 gms - 4 units
Evening 1.5-1 1.5 " " " 6 portions - 60 gms - 9 units
Things like pasta, rice ect will usually give you the value per 100gms you just decide how much you want and divide the weight by carbs. same with things like potato, It takes getting used to but don't panic if you get it wrong occasionally we all do.
When out for a meal things like a potato the size of a small egg will count as roughly1 portion or 10 gms carb - 6 chips are about the same, a medium slice of bread.roughly just over 10 gms or 1 portion burger bap roughly 20 gms or 2 portions As a beginner its best to stay away from the sweet stuff until you get a bit more practiced at calculation what you're eating.
Hope that's been of some help and just don't panic it will work after a while. You will have to experiment a little but you will get there.

Vickyp DAFNE Graduate
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If you use the per 100g section, you need to weigh the portion you have then calculate the amount of carbs in your portion, then the amount of insulin depending on you ratios at that time of day. Personally, if it gives individual (such as a slice of bread) I use that.
I also use the carbsandcals app when out and about to aid carb counting/guessing. I also use at home if I haven't weighed the food e.g jacket potato!
Am sure no one gets it right 100% of the time, we can only do our best and diabetes plays it own game so what you do for a specific food one day may not be the same the next time you eat that food.
Don't beat yourself up when it goes wrong tho! Smile