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madcow6 DAFNE Graduate
NHS Lothian
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It's recently been pointed out to me that some fruits release/create more sugars as they ripen. Could this change the sugar content with any great significance? I specifically mention grapes because I tend to eat quite a lot in one serving (200g +) so with this quantity I'm wondering if it'd make a difference.

michaelj DAFNE Graduate
South East Kent PCT
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Grapes, otherwise known as sugar bombs. Have a passion for grapes and will always get a high B/S read later in the day if I go mad.
Most fruit contains Fructose (another form of glucose) and will have an effect on readings. As fruit ripens it naturally contains more to produce the sweetness. Having said that I don't think you need to worry overmuch. Most dietary carb calculations are based on food which are fit to eat and therefore ripe.
Black are best and sweeter.

Muna A H DAFNE Graduate
Royal North Shore Hospital, St Leonards, NSW
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Grapes are high in sugar but low in carbs and I try to avoid eating them but when I do I inject QA accordingly. I think it is a good idea to refer to DAFNE carbs counting booklet and check the grapes to see how much QA you need.

novorapidboi26 DAFNE Graduate
NHS Lanarkshire
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high in sugar in low in carbs........that sounds strange saying that, as they are the same, NO?

I think the glucose from grapes can hit the bloodstream faster when more ripe maybe....... Very Happy

wigworld DAFNE Graduate
Hull and East Riding Diabetes Network
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I love ripe bananas (that most people would say have gone off!) and I certainly find they raise my BG more than am 'ordinary banana'.