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hypo DAFNE Graduate 18 posts

It's Jelly Babies for me 2 is usually enough and Bassett's are lovely and like Alan says they are a treat It's a good job it is only occasionally they are needed

Natalie T DAFNE Graduate
Royal Glamorgan Hospital Diabetes Centre
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I normally have 2-3 jelly babies depending how low i am , I was told 4- 5 by my dsn , tried that once and all that got me was very high blood sugars, so now i start with 2 and if still low have another , that usually works for me

thomas2512 DAFNE Graduate
Hull and East Riding Diabetes Network
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sawestall27 DAFNE Graduate
2 posts

I use 3 jelly babies for 1 cp. Great for when I'm running too.

Nidge DAFNE Graduate
Pennine Acute Hospitals
4 posts

I reckon on 4 jelly babies being 2 CP's. I used to get through loads when treating hypos in the early days, but now on a lchf lifestyle, I very very rarely get hypos, although still carry them with me in case.
The lchf lifestyle has given me a huge amount of freedom, more energy, far tighter BG control, and much reduced need for insulin.

Ivorthediver DAFNE Graduate
5 posts

Tried many types ...from gulcostop and dextrostix which both make me throw up but Lucozade for very low or Jelly babies to stave off minor issues

Daveq DAFNE Graduate
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I find Jelly babies very effective, and usually carry 6 in a small plastic coin bag, in my pocket. I take 2, which is 1CP, unless I am very low and then I take 4, as recommended by the DSN. I have been keeping a small plastic box of them in my car, but with the recent hot weather they all melted into one big squishy lump.

SimonC DAFNE Graduate
NHS Harrow
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I use Glucotabs - I buy a 12 pack of the 50 in a tub, and use these to fill up the smaller tubes of 10. I have 1 tub of 50 at my work - replaced when needed, and every jacket has a tube of 10 - I know this is a bit over the top, but I was once caught out with no access to fast sugar.

I prefer the raspberry ones, but have noticed that in the tubes of 10, they now do lemon and blueberry ones as well as the orange and raspberry. I like the blueberry ones, but they don't appear to do these in the 50 tubs yet. Buying them in bulk like this saves on the cost, and transferring to the smaller tubes means they are easy to transport about,

I found that once a bag of jelly babies is open, they harden and become inedible if left.

Marsbar63 DAFNE Graduate
University Hospitals, Leicester
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That's two of us a bit OTT. I refill the tubes from the tubs. Countless tubes in pockets, draws, and just about anywhere they'll fit. Very Happy Very Happy