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Gymbob 3 posts

Hi, I'm not a DAFNE graduate, in fact I cannot access any education in my NHS trust, so I am trying to work out management for myself. Can anyone recommend a good app / website for carb values please?

Thank you

hypo DAFNE Graduate 18 posts

I use the Carbs And Calls App which shows Photos of lots of different but basic foods give it a try

Vickyp DAFNE Graduate
Durham Diabetes Network
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carbs and cals app and book, also myfitnesspal app (although has no photos)

novorapidboi26 DAFNE Graduate
NHS Lanarkshire
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i used to use carbs and cals and suppose I still would when out at restaurants, but my fitness pal has it all in terms of carbs.........

its definitely worth a shot.....

marke Site Administrator
South East Kent PCT
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Hi, I'm curious which area you are in as its a requirement of all CCG's and Trusts to provide Diabetes Education. It is part of what they are assessed on and what they get paid for. If they are not providing it then that is an issue, however it maybe people not telling you the whole truth as its easier fir them not to refer you.

Nat-Sav DAFNE Graduate
Bromley PCT
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I have just downloaded the Carbs & Cals app (Android version). It's much more comprehensive than I expected - it has a personalised diabetes section where you can record pretty much everything: BG, QA, BI, CPs, exercise - all in DAFNE format! (CPs it can record for you, if you go on each food and 'add to meal'; exercise you can specify time, duration and type from a very exhaustive list.)

However it doesn't yet have a back-up facility or a sharing facility. So if you are relying it to keep all your records, and something goes wrong, you're a bit stuck.

I wonder if it's possible for someone from DAFNE to liaise with Carbs&Cals so that the info we record on the Carbs&Cals app can be integrated with DAFNE online? This would make it so much more practical. I can't really repeat each record manually a second time.

marke Site Administrator
South East Kent PCT
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hi, DAFNE and DAFNEOnline are two separate things. I can give a personal point of view from DAFNEOnline and I'm sure Simon will say if he disagrees with me. As far as DAFNE goes you would need to ask them at www,dafne,
So my view is DAFNEOnline is a graduate run website for graduates and so we give up all our time and effort free of charge to help other graduates. Carbs and Cals is a charged for service that I assume is run to make a profit. I am not keen on charging people for things that I believe should be provided for free by either the NHS or us. I'm not even happy about graduates having to pay for paper diaries from the website above, but there is nothing I can do about it.
I'm not sure DAFNEOnline should be providing a free service to an app that is charged for. I think if you want this added to the app you should request it from the developers. If they want to do this that's fine, we are happy for people to use any service they find gives them the best facilities.DAFNEOnline will always be free.

Gymbob 3 posts

Thanks all for replies. Education is offered in my area only three times a year, if you can do all day Thursday for some weeks, during term time. As a seasonal lecturer with a child in infant school, I can't make the very occasional courses run in this area. I have now secured a one to one education, but it is much reduced, and I have had to fight tooth and nail for it!

Peter DUAG Committee Member
University College London Hospitals (UCLH)
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Gymbob, Through my role on DUAG I have access to a list of all the locations in the UK and Ireland which offer DAFNE Courses. If you want information on other trusts in your area which offer eduction, then let me know where you live and I'll tell you whether there are any alternatives. Most trusts offer a 5 day DAFNE course, with some offering the 5x1 day version you mention. Perhaps a 5 day version would be easier in holidays?
NB. You can send a message direct to me if you'd prefer to keep your location private.

Nat-Sav DAFNE Graduate
Bromley PCT
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I got in touch with Carbs & Cals to ask 2 questions about their app: are they going to provide a facility to back-up information? (Currently there is no safeguard against losing all the records you have painstakingly entered.) And to ask about a way of exporting reports to share with your doctor. They said:

"Thanks for your email.

I’m pleased to say we are currently rebuilding the app to make vast improvements to the way it works. The new app will include a back up feature and you will be able to download PDF reports. The work is going to take a number of months as we are making changes to the iPhone app first and then will replicate this onto Android. It is likely the Android update will not be ready until spring 2015.

Thanks for your patience while we make the changes."