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Pauline Griffin DAFNE Graduate
Beaumont Hospital, Dublin
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Had dinner out yesterday at a restaurant. Ate soup and fish pie and mash. Took 7 units of Novorapid insulin. Two hours later blood glucose 17. Ratio 1 to 1 and a half.

JayBee DAFNE Graduate
James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
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How much the carb counting is guesswork? When eating out, the error risk is higher but if your okay any other time, if it was me, I'd assume it was carb counting error on this occasion.

Hope this helps.

novorapidboi26 DAFNE Graduate
NHS Lanarkshire
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what was your BG before your meal?

7 units may just of been good enough for the potato, there must of been other ingredients in there what was in the soup?

its all a guessing game when out anyway, the more you do it, the better you become.......

NuMo DAFNE Graduate
York ( Scarborough)
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Hi Pauline

We eat out regularly, and I still haven't got it right yet. The only listings for eating out are for the big chains such as McDonald's or Wetherspoon's which are not places I go to. As Novorapidboi says it is a guessing game which is made more complicated by the fact that some chefs will add sugar to "improve" the flavour. I once chose what I thought would be a nil dish only to find it unusually sweet and yes, experienced a massive spike afterwards. All I can suggest is give it your best guess and err on the upward side. Be prepared for a spike and deal accordingly. Don't beat yourself up if you get it wrong, after all you're outside your control zone. Make a note of where you were, what you chose and what value you gave it. Then add how close your estimation was so you know for another time. When you find yourself coming close, which you will, allow yourself a sense of achievement. Smile

JMoran1983 DAFNE HCP
Pennine Acute Hospitals
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Hi Pauline, you may have estimated the CPs correctly but the effects of the fat (butter and cream) and protein from the fish may have caused the food to digest more slowly giving a delayed peak in blood glucose. If you ever see James Martin make mashed potato, you'll see it's equal parts potato and butter!

Were you back in target 4-5 hours later? It's important that you don't react to high readings 2 hours post meal as the insulin would have still been working.

It is always going to be an estimation when eating out and it's always better to underestimate if you're out and about and correct at the next meal if necessary.

youone DAFNE Graduate
Hull and East Riding Diabetes Network
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Pauline Griffin said:
Had dinner out yesterday at a restaurant. Ate soup and fish pie and mash. Took 7 units of Novorapid insulin. Two hours later blood glucose 17. Ratio 1 to 1 and a half.

What was BG 4 - 5 hrs after
If I had eaten that much carbs when I was on MDI and started at 7 after two hrs I would have been higher, since QA takes a good 90 mins to peak with the remaing time finishing off the carbs.
Yes your correct eating out is always a educated guess, but give it time to work before correcting after the 4 - 5 he period or you will more than likely over correct and hypo
What we type1 need is each portion of food has a carb count against it.
A long way off,but it would be useful Very Happy
MDI 42 yrs
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Rafa DAFNE Graduate
St Vincent's Dublin
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Yes hate having to guess when eating out. Was out the other night and i was 7.1 before and had to guess. 4-5 hours later i was 3.6 going to bed. Never factored in the 3 glasses of wine. Anyway had one cp at 3.6 and was 12.1 waking up.