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marke Site Administrator
South East Kent PCT
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Just wanted to let you know that we have added a new section to the 'Carb Counter' area called Carb Links. It is a list of websites that contain carbohydrate information. Users can add their own entries as and when they find sites that provide good information. Over time hopefully we we build up a comprehensive list of sites that will be a useful reference for carb info on the net.

Alan 49 DAFNE Graduate
Maidstone General Hospital
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Would it be appropriate to put a link to the Glycaemic Index here?

marke Site Administrator
South East Kent PCT
669 posts

You are welcome to add one. When the subject of Glycaemic indexes was raised with DAFNE Central they said the issue was firstly there are a number of them and they don't all agree and secondly they thought it was an added complication to DAFNE when some people struggled with carb counting. However if people want to look at GI tables as well and can cope with the additional complications then why not.

Nat-Sav DAFNE Graduate
Bromley PCT
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I was just looking through the Carb Links page and I think the Harvester link is out of date. It's shown as

Gus DAFNE Graduate
Darent Valley Hospital, Dartford
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Is it worth adding a warning on GI indices, that is to point out that the main use would be to judge whether to split or delay taking QA insulin based on the proportion of low GI foods in the meal?