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DianeW DAFNE Graduate
South West Essex PCT
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I see that they are going to bring in uniform food labelling. However from what I've seen on the news, they only seem to mention calories, fat, sugar, salt. I assume carbohydrates are going to be mentioned. Apparently Diabetes UK has been liaised with so I would think so. What they really need to do for diabetics is to include the carb value for "per pack" and "per bar" , "per biscuit" etc etc. I know the maths may not be that hard but for example on some things it will give the carb value "per 100g", then you see that the total weight is 154g or 176g. I could understand that on something like a powder or liquied but why do that on something like a sandwich?! Let's hope this new labelling is clear.

paulj DAFNE Graduate
Northumbria Healthcare Trust
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i presume calories fat sugars and salt effect your cholestoral.i have just been put on a statin for my cholestoral so any extra info is certainly going to be a if we didnt have enough already to think about.just recently went on insulin and i have put on one and a half stone in 2 months.cant get it right all the time . Very Happy

JayBee DAFNE Graduate
James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
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I hope they finally add carbohydrates. Such a pain that they don't usually.

Oh yes! Please yes for the "per pack" or "per bar" or... even "per 4 sweets" for hypo options! Very Happy