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Dave Wright DAFNE Graduate
Hertfordshire DAFNE Centre
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I went on a DAFNE course last week and just typing up notes and a kind of cheat sheet into Excel for easy carrying around and I just have a question regarding potato differences. One bit I took away was that an egg sized boiled potato is 1 CP (it puts weight as 60g), and yet a roast potato at 50g is shown as 1.5. Which seems much higher for a roast potato than a boiled potato, do others find this ratio works ? I'm a little cautious as eating out this coming weekend and planning on a Sunday Roast, but 1.5 CP per small roast potato seems a little high.

Anyone with thoughts/experience on counting there Sunday roasts ?

Thanks in advance

Garry DAFNE Graduate
North Lincolnshire
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The numbers are right.
Just down to carbohydrate 'density' Dave.
Boiled potato has significant water content retained.
Roast potato has much lower water content.

JayBee DAFNE Graduate
James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
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Garry nailed it. Smile

You'll find the same problem when it comes to jacket potatoes.
The opposite happens for rice and pasta - they take on more water. Smile

Best to weigh stuff raw/before cooking in most cases so you know what you're dealing with before the density change.

Enjoy your roast when you have it! Yum! Smile

Dave Wright DAFNE Graduate
Hertfordshire DAFNE Centre
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Thanks for the replies, I had looked at the book and assumed it was density as boiled weighs more than a roast, I guess I was just expecting boiled to weigh more than raw, but raw and boiled, 100g are both down as 1.5

The important thing is I'll have to have another roast dinner this Sunday purely to ensure I get the principles right Very Happy