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derekh1965 DAFNE Graduate
Western General Hospital, Edinburgh
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I am making a bean and sweetcorn bake for dinner. I am using sweetcorn, obviously and cannellini beans. The total carb count is 6CPs.
Do I count them or are they put as vegetables?
The reason I ask is before I would count them as a CP, but the last time I treated them as veg and BS went high.

Maybe just answered my own question, but what would others do.

Thanks in advance


novorapidboi26 DAFNE Graduate
NHS Lanarkshire
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For sweetcorn I do not take insulin for them, but this is not because they are a vegetable, as some vegetables have carbs......its because they are digested very slowly, like beans and nuts and pulses etc......

So your quick acting insulin will be too fast for them and will likely send you low. Your background insulin will mop up the glucose from it......

However, if your on a pump, where there is no long acting insulin working, or even if you are on a small amount of background insulin, then you may need to consider them as CPs. This is much easier to cater for on a pump as the dose can be delivered or a set amount of time, essentially creating a longer acting dose. If not on a pump it could be difficult to account for. But you would just need to experiment with doses and timing. A lot of work though just for sweetcorn......

I don't know for sure but I would imagine the cannelloni beans would follow the same rules...... Wink

King's College Hospital, Camberwell
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Hi there.... I always struggle with sweetcorn, after spending some time in S.America I ended up with a rule of thumb that usually I treat whole corn (on or off the cob) as either a free veg or partial carb (generally I use 0.5iu per 10g carbs/1CP at most) and mashed or mealed corn as a normal carb. Reason being that its hard to digest and breakdown in its whole form. Beans I dont count as carbs at all. Hope your dinners nice Smile

derekh1965 DAFNE Graduate
Western General Hospital, Edinburgh
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Thanks for your replies.
I just done what I would have done before Dafne and treated them as CPs.
Before dinner at 7:30pm my BS was 12, had 7 CPs, 10+5 QA and my BI at 9:30pm and by bedtime my BS was
So, if I hadn't treated the beans and sweetcorn as CPs I would have had a lot higher BS.

Incidentally the recipe is from Tesco Diets which I would really recommend.
I have been with them 5 weeks and lost 5 kilos and I am eating a hell of a lot more food than before.

Due to my weight , 120 kilo at start I am on 2300 cals a day and I have to eat all they cals or I won't lose weight as well as I should.
For me the recommended macronutrients are 75g protein, 320g carbs, and I've read all the stuff on diabetes sites about how that is far too many carbs etc, and 75g of fat.

I used to think I was fat because of the carbs and would argue with people about how carbs make you fat.
I now believe that is BS.

A sample of my daily food intake is
2 slices of toast
2 boiled eggs
2 tsps of low fat spread
50g dry weight porridge oats
150ml milk

Bowl of soup (200ml)
3 slices of bread
50g low fat cheese

Chickpea stew made with
1 210g tin of chickpeas
1 tsp of olive oil
1 onion
1 pepper, any colour
1 clove of garlic
1 tomato
1 tsp of tomato puree
1 pinch of dried parsley
88 g. of pasta, uncooked weight

3 rice cakes
50g philadelphia light
6 cherry tomatoes

That is just 1 days sample

All the best and be happy.


novorapidboi26 DAFNE Graduate
NHS Lanarkshire
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I wouldn't be sure that you definitely need to take them just from one test. Are you confident your BI, CP:QA ratios, Correction factors are right.....? I would continue as you are at the moment, but more testing would be needed to see the real effects. Maybe have some on the side of a carb free meal.............If your diet permits.......... Wink

Where are you getting your nutritional advice. I am 114Kg, but I don't know how many calories to have to be honest. I have set a target of 2250, so again roughly the same as you. Th majority of the time I come in below, but the weekends are bad.

Why would you need to have this amount to lose weight> Is this metabolism related?

I wouldn't agree also that its the carbs that makes you fat, however reducing your daily carb intake, will obviously reduce your calorie intake and makes managing blood sugar a lot easier........

You carb amount does seem excessive to me. As I believe mine is and that's between 200-250g a day.

A typical Monday to Friday day for me consists of:


Yoghurt [1.5CPs, 95Kcal]
Coffee with Milk [0CPs, 40Kcal]


Cottage Cheese - 150g [0.5CPs, 90Kcal]
Rakusen's Crackers x 5 [2CPs, 90Kcal]
Yoghurt [1.5CPs, 95Kcal]
Smith's Frazzles [1.5CPs, 113Kcal]
2 Apples [2CPs, 124Kcal]
Clementine [0.5CPs, 25Kcal]
Penguin Biscuit [1.5CPs, 130Kcal]
Cheddar Cheese Stick [0CPs, 60Kcal]
2 Coffees [0CPs, 80Kcal]


2 Fish in crusty coating [3CPs, 480Kcal]
Peas [0CPs, 30Kcal]
Cornetto [2.5CPs, 190Kcal]


2 Slice of Toast [4CPs, 222Kcal]
Coffee [0CPs, 40Kcal]

So all in all, 210g of carbs and 1901 calories. Do you think this is not enough calories for me to lose weight.......?

derekh1965 DAFNE Graduate
Western General Hospital, Edinburgh
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Hi Novorapidboi
Thanks for your reply.
With regards my recommended calories etc, I get them from tesco diets, which I highly recommend.
If you fo0llow this link we both gt 500 clubcard points :-) http://www.tescodiets.com/myediets2/index.cfm?currpage=myprofile&subsection=referafriend#
Based on the calories I have to consume I am losing weight, whereas before I would try to cut my food intake as much as I could using smaller plates, stopping eating when I felt satisfied etc. and lose nothing.

There was 1 week my weight loss wasn't so good and the feedback from tesco diets was

"I have had a look over your plan and I have noticed that you are eating less than you should be each day. May I ask why?

I know it sounds silly but in order to lose weight you need to make sure that you are eating enough and eating a well balanced diet. If you are cutting out certain foods and not eating as much as you should be you could be missing out on certain nutrients that you need.

Do you find your allowance to be too high? Please do get back to me about this so we can fix this for you."
(copied from email received).

As for counting sweetcorn and beans as CPs I had a stew with 175g of cannellini beans 35g carbs and pasta with 65g carbs, 10 CPs or 6.5CPs? I had 15 units of insulin, 1.5:1 BS was 5.7 at dinnertime (7.30) and 8.5 at bedtime (11.30).

novorapidboi26 DAFNE Graduate
NHS Lanarkshire
1,800 posts

the problem is, how do you find out what is enough, in terms of calories............?

derekh1965 DAFNE Graduate
Western General Hospital, Edinburgh
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When you register at Tesco diets you give them your weight, sex, age and activity level and I suppose the sites software calculates your required daily calories.
There are loads of recipes/menus to choose from.
You can choose to follow the light choices plan. low gi plan and others, however if you state you are a type 1 diabetic and try choosing the low carb plan you are unable to, a message comes up saying not recommended unless your doc approves.

All the food has the nutritional info and you can choose the weight you are having etc

Rafa DAFNE Graduate
St Vincent's Dublin
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Just found this thread. Have to say from experience i found for myself not to count sweetcorn. I had some yesterday for the first time in a long time and i was 13.2 three hours after but was back in range two hours later.